A photograph of a Kashmiri kebab vendor has won the International Food Photo Contest


The first prize in the International Food Photo Contest went to a photograph of a kebab vendor from Kashmir, which won the contest’s first prize. Debdatta Chakraborty, an Indian photographer, has now been credited with securing the award-winning event on film using her digital camera.

She has been named the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2022 for her picture of a street seller in Srinagar, Kashmir, which was selected from thousands of entries. Kebabiyana is the name of the picture. It depicts a kebab vendor working in a smoky food establishment. As he caters to his meat kebabs on a coal-lit barbecue setup, he is engulfed by a cloud of smoke.

The snapshot was taken in Srinagar’s Khayyam Chowk market, where it was taken. “Beautifully caught billowing embrace of the smoke, golden light, and the subject’s emotion as he prepares the dish for sharing,” stated Caroline Kenyon, creator, and director of Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year.

“Sparks fly from the skewers, whose roasting we can almost smell, and we envision the warm, wonderful perfume wafting through the air. “This picture, which is subtle yet strong, feeds our spirit,” Kenyon said.

It was possible to watch the event for revealing the winners of the International Food Photo Contest on YouTube in real-time. The names of the winners were revealed by Monica Galetti, a restaurant owner, and MasterChef judge.

In 2011, the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award was established. The International Food Photography and Cinematography Awards, which are open to both professionals and amateurs, young and old, honor the absolute best in food photography and film from across the globe.

Published by: Aditya Negi

Edited by: Vanshika Sahu

Tharun Pranav
Tharun Pranav
Tharun Pranav is a Law student in the School of Law, Christ University. He is an Extrovert and a Pensive person in nature. One of his strengths is Sarcasm. He also has a passion for Space, Economics and Sports. You can find him online on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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