1)One more CCTV Video emerges from the Tihar jail in which AAP minister Jain is seen having a ‘lavish’ meal after a ‘no proper meal’ claim.


Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain was jailed on the allegations of Money laundering and bail was denied to him by the Delhi court on November 17.


After the uproar over Jain receiving ‘physiotherapy’ in jail and later new revelations about the massager being rape accused, a new video came out in which he is seen having a proper meal and not the one served to the jail inmates usually.

Reportedly, AAP Minister had complained about not getting proper food in jail. A special court has sought a response from jail authorities on his plea to provide food according to his religious beliefs.

Jain can be seen in the video having a proper meal with fruits and salads included with a person serving this meal to him. 

Satyendra Jain having Fancy meal

BJP’s Shehzad Poonawala lashed out at Jain and said attendants can be seen serving him food as if he was on a holiday. 

He said, “One more video from media! After taking maalish (massage) from rapist & calling him PHYSIO therapist, Satyendra Jain can be seen enjoying sumptuous meal! Attendants serve him food as if he is in a resort on vacation! Kejriwal ji ensured that Hawalabaaz gets VVIP maza not saza!”

A second CCTV footage emerged of the AAP minister getting VVIP treatment. The first video appeared on 19th November of him getting a massage which was labelled as physiotherapy. AAP also said that he got special medical services because he underwent surgery. This claim was denied by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists. 

In the previous video, he was seen getting a full-body massage. And later was seen talking to other persons in the jail cell including the one who was providing the massage.

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