Adani Groups enters 4 Trillion M-Cap: Should buy or sell?


Adani Group’s shares have increased by more than 27% during the past year. On September 13 last year, the shares were trading for less than Rs 745 per share.

Adani group
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Adani Enterprises is the Adani Group’s attempt to surpass Rs 4 trillion in market valuation. The share price of Adani Enterprises has increased to a new all-time high of Rs 3571 per share on the BSE despite the downtrend of the Indian stock market.

Adani Group Growth

adani group
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Adani Enterprises is a holding company that serves as an incubator for the new business endeavours of the Adani Group and is primarily involved in the mining and selling of coal and iron ore.

On the other hand, Adani Ports has become a multi-bagger in only two years with gains of around 177% and 2.7 times. On September 11, 2020, the shares were trading at roughly $342 per unit. Nevertheless, the wealth of investors in Adani Ports has almost quadrupled in only two years.

The largest commercial port operator in India, Adani Ports, is responsible for around one-fourth of all cargo traffic in the nation. With 13 domestic ports distributed over seven coastal states (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha), it has the widest national footprint and the best hinterland connection.

Adani Group is an Indian multinational company, founded by Gautam Adani in 1988. Its headquarters is in Ahmedabad. Port management, electric power production and transmission, renewable energy, mining, airport operations, natural gas, food processing, and infrastructure are just a few of the Adani Group’s numerous commercial ventures.

The performance of Adani Groups’ stock as of September 14, 2022:

Ranking (Subsidiary)


Market Cap Value (Rs.)

Last Price (Rs.)

% Chg


Adani Transmission

Rs 4.43 trillion




Adani Enterprises

Rs 4.21 trillion




Adani Total Gas

Rs 3.92 trillion




Adani Green Energy

Rs 3.63 trillion




Adani Ports & SEZ

Rs 2 trillion




Adani Power

Rs 1.48 trillion




Adani Wilmar

Rs 0.92 trillion



Adani Group Subsidiary Stocks


Adani Group announced the acquisition of Swiss Cement Major Holcim’s shares in Ambuja (63.19%) and ACC (4.48%) this year in May 2022. The acquisition of Ambuja Cements/ACC by Adani presents some low-hanging fruit for Adani in terms of cost-saving potential, improved procurement, logistics, and brownfield expansions, which might propel profit growth for both firms more quickly than its peers’ companies.

Gautam Adani may soon become the second richest man in the world. With Jeff Bezos, the second wealthiest man in the world, losing more than $9 billion on Tuesday as higher-than-expected US inflation numbers shocked Wall Street, Gautam Adani, the richest man in India and third richest man in the world, is now only $3 billion behind him. After surpassing French entrepreneur Bernard Arnault a fortnight ago, Adani rose to become the third-richest person on the planet.

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