After The Rise of 70 Covid Cases Panic Buying Started in Beijing After Death Soar


The caseload in the Chinese capital is minor in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of illnesses reported in Shanghai, which reported 51 Covid-19 deaths on Monday as it began a month-long lockdown.

On Monday, Beijing’s largest district, Chaoyang, began three rounds of Covid-19 tests for all of its residents, while locals waited in line to buy necessities amid worries of a Shanghai-style lockdown.

Beijing’s city government said late Monday night that widespread testing for Covid-19 will begin on Tuesday in another ten districts and an economic zone. Between Tuesday and Saturday, millions more will be tested three times.

  • Large-scale gatherings, sporting activities, and exhibitions will be halted in Beijing until further notice, according to the administration.
  • After going unnoticed for a week, a number of infections have been detected in the previous three days.
  • After spreading undetected for a week, hundreds of infections have been recorded in the previous three days.
  • Chaoyang has a population of 3.5 million people in a city of 22 million.

Sectors States effected

The main commercial sector of Chaoyang is home to a plethora of glittering skyscrapers as well as offices, malls, and foreign embassies.

Eight of Beijing’s 16 districts have reported cases, with local officials closing down buildings with even a single infection.

After a government official claimed on Sunday that an infection transmission chain had extended around the city for a week, citizens instantly became concerned.

The caseload in the Chinese capital is minor in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of illnesses reported in Shanghai, which reported 51 Covid-19 deaths on Monday as it began a month-long lockdown.

Residents of Beijing, however, are not taking any chances after hearing stories of food and supply shortages in the financial metropolis.

Residents and employees in Chaoyang will have to get tested three times this week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, according to city officials.

It sparked a frenzy of shopping for daily needs, with inhabitants queuing for hours on Sunday night and Monday morning at the nearby market.

According to local media reports, numerous markets were short on fresh veggies, and delivery apps stated they were out of meat.

Since Sunday, social media has been a hive of activity, with families and friends pushing one another to stock up on food and goods in case of a lockdown.

There’s a lot of speculation that the district, and ultimately the rest of the city, may install curbs.

On Monday morning, residents formed long lines to be tested, with local Communist Party of China (CPC) volunteers issuing directives advocating calm and discipline.

On Monday, however, most schools, offices, and markets in the city remained open.

Residents in Chaoyang have been urged to restrict public activities and in-person private tutoring programmes have been suspended.

All offline training sessions and group activities at various off-campus training establishments have been halted by the district.

Beijing Government Briefing

At a press briefing on Monday, a Beijing government official said,

“The epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing is serious and complex, and it faces many hazards.”

On Sunday, Beijing Municipal Government spokesman Tian Wei was quoted in official media as saying,

“The virus has silently moved around the city for a week, and multiple generations of cases have been presented,”

implying that additional Covid-19 infections are expected.

Meanwhile, Shanghai reported the highest number of Covid-19 deaths on Monday compared to the previous day, as the city continues to battle the disease’s largest outbreak.

On April 24, the financial hub recorded 51 more deaths among its Covid-19 patients, up from 39 the day before, according to municipal officials.

Published By : Chittajallu H S Kumar

Edited By: Kiran Maharana 

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