O.Panneerselvam, leader of the AIADMK party, condemns DMK (the ruling party) for the state’s insanity. He also reported that the Tamil Nadu government is solely responsible for the low ranking in the Swachh Survekshan ranking of 2022.

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The government of India recently released the list of Swachh Survekshan 2022. According to the list, Tamil Nadu ranked the least among the states. Other than this, regions like Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai were listed at 42, 44, and 45, respectively.


Tamil Nadu, being the spot for major metropolitan cities, has ranked the least in the category of cleanliness. On the rankings, AIADMK’s leader pointed out the government as the reason for the state’s ranking.

He also reported that the Tamil Nadu government never took the initiative to make the state clean. In addition to that, he pointed to the poor maintenance of garbage disposal.

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Chennai, being a major metropolitan city, does not have a proper disposal system. The corporation of Tamil Nadu has always delayed in disposing of the garbage from the local residents.

Due to the pile of garbage left unnoticed, it has become prone to many diseases like malaria, dengue, and several other dreadful diseases.

The onset of the monsoon, can also make the situation worse. As the garbage will clot the sewage, it becomes tedious to drain the water.

Stagnant water causes various diseases, especially makes it a place for mosquitoes to breed. If the city accounts for insanity, it is a shame for the government, says the leader of AIADMK.

By overlooking the impacts of insanity, the AIADMK leader urged the Tamil Nadu government to look into the garbage disposal issue and the sewage system. In addition to that, he said the government should bring back the fame of a clean state to Tamil Nadu.

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It is the utmost responsibility of the government to make the state a clean place to live in. In this way, the Tamil Nadu government can introduce schemes to maintain the proper clearance of garbage and spread awareness about sanitation.

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