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The CIA revealed the hideout of al-Qaida’s leader al- Zawahri after they successfully planned to kill him.

Ayman-al-Zawahri’s model of his safe house was finally revealed by the CIA which was used to brief US president Joe Biden during the operation when they killed the terrorist gang leader in a drone strike in Afghanistan.

When the operation and his kill were confirmed by them the White House Officials came up with a photo in which it was showing President Joe Biden talking with the director of the CIA William Burns with a wooden box in front of them. The wooden box was nothing but refers to the model of a white-walled home with five stories and three balconies which referred to the hideout of the terrorist group leader. The model is now on the display at the CIA museum inside the agency’s Virginia headquarters.

The museum is generally closed to the public and is only accessible to the agency’s employees and their guests. On their 75th anniversary, they allowed the journalist to take a tour of their museum as a part of the border effort to showcase their history and achievements.

This kind of exhibit mostly actually takes around decades to classify. The al-Zawahri’s house model which helped the intelligence to execute their mission was a rare artifact.

The CIA played a central role in executing the death of al- Zawahri, it was done in late July which took place nearly after a year when the US withdrew from Afghanistan. They withdrew from there because the US army force dealt with huge chaos with Afghan allies.

The US president’s administration stated that their strike showed resistance to what they termed as “over the horizon” it showed the counter-terrorism capacity of the force in Afghanistan. According to the administration of the opponent’s group, the terrorist group leader’s presence in Kabul’s neighborhood showed the rise of extremist groups like al-Qaida and the Islamic State who now rule the country.

During the mission, the CIA lost 7 of its employees trying to find al-Zawahri who was part of the incident that happened during the Sept 11 attack and played a vital role in it. It was a crucial victory for the CIA.

It all happened when a doctor who was pretending to have information about al-Zawahri carried out a suicide bombing which led to the taking of the life of an employee in Khost, Afghanistan.

In the museum of the CIA, near the model of al-Zawahri’s house lies the seven stars which show the sacrifice of the seven employees.

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