In the early 36 hours, small and medium businesses, startups, employees, and women entrepreneurs traded around 10 lakh extraordinary outputs to consumers across the nation

Through the E-commerce principles, Amazon saw the single biggest day of Prime sign-ups – 1.9 times increased than last year with 68 percent appearing from tier 2 and 3 cities in India – in the first 36 hours of its Great Indian Festival sale.


E-commerce pertains to organizations and people that buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. Ecommerce regulates varied types of market sectors and can be performed over computers, tablets, smartphones, and further smart appliances.

Almost every potential product and service is accessible through e-commerce trades, including books, music, plane tickets, and financial services such as stock investing and online banking. As such, it is assessed a relatively disruptive technology.

More than 500 million Indians had way to cashback and EMI delivers on Amazon. in with 50 percent better customers opting for EMI or Pay later over last year during the festive sale, the company declared in a declaration.

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Amazon prime has  found several advantages through the small-town people

The small town is neither a village nor a city. It is an economic terminology illustrating the area-giving relationship between rural centers and urban places of prestige. It is here that the pressures of demand and supply converge. Geographically, it fluctuates from a well-defined town to an urban center.


It can appear 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although e-commerce may seize a lot of work, it is still reasonable to develop sales as people sleep or earn revenue while people are off from your store.

Heightened selection:

Multiple stores deliver a larger array of products online than they hold in their brick-and-mortar companions. And many stores that entirely prevail online may offer customers exclusive supply that is inaccessible elsewhere.

Potentially lower start-up cost:

It may compel a warehouse or manufacturing site, but they usually don’t need a manual storefront. The expense to regulate digitally is frequently less expensive than required to pay rent, insurance, building provision, and equity tariffs.

International sales:

As long as an e-commerce store can ship to the customer, an e-commerce company can trade to anyone in the world and isn’t restricted by physical geography.

They receive rewards with No-Rush Shipping:

Want to save just more on shipping? Use the No-Rush option. This preference delays your order by a few days, but once it arrives, you’ll receive credit toward prospective Amazon purchases, free music downloads, and additional.

Easier to retarget customers:

As customers search a digital storefront, it is manageable to persuade their awareness towards placed publicity, organized marketing campaigns, or pop-ups particularly intended for an objective.

Amazon also saw the higher demand for Smartphones, consumer electronics, fashion, and groceries categories persuaded largely new consumers and Amazon saw a great demand for laptops and 5G smartphones.

Amazon Business noticed 50 percent development in customers and 100 percent orders in the last 36 hours which is a direct impression of brand equity of Amazon,  said the company.

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How to evaluate the overall brand  equity of the company

Brand equity is the status of change a brand term has in the minds of consumers and the importance of possessing an identifiable brand and well belief Organizations ascertain brand equity by developing optimistic occurrences that persuade prospects to proceed buying from them over competitors who make related products.

 Brand equity is generally obtained by developing awareness through principles that speak to target-consumer values, delivering on commitments and capabilities when consumers use the product, and loyalty and retention accomplishments.

As companies increasingly proceed with their priority from the product to the consumer, the general awareness of a brand is better important than ever. Besides, approximately 74% of today’s customers want more from brands observing how they treat consumers, employees, and the environment.

To stay forward with this change, organizations need to evaluate how their various marketing initiatives contribute to brand awareness. Let’s take a look at the procedures that they can influence to effectively create and improve upon their overall brand equity

Four Elements of Brand Equity

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Brand Awareness:

Can consumers easily remember your brand? Messaging and imagery encompassing your trademark should be cohesive so customers can constantly recognize it, even for a new product. In what ways of significance do consumers correlate with the brand?  Probably they think of sustainability, integrity, or family-friendly values.

Brand Attributes:

How have first-hand knowledge of your brand take off? This could indicate that the product executed the way it was thought to, that contests with brand ambassadors and customer assistance teams have been included and useful, and that patriotism strategies have been valuable.

Perceived Quality:

Elevating discerned integrity will strengthen customer understanding and improve sales. Perceived quality is when customers assess product quality based on the prevailing brand equity. The product itself might be reasonable, but if the customer did not have good past experiences with the brand, they are insufficient potential to respond positively to the product and the brand.

Brand Loyalty:

Brand loyalty is made up of past and current experiences with the brand, brand awareness, and the brand’s traits. However, brand allegiance is generally customer appreciation, piling up these other brand qualities will authorize you to improve your profit margins and gain more management over your customer impact

Even though, the Bengaluru-based Redseer has forecasted $11.8 billion worth of gross merchandise value (GMV) during the entire festive month up to Diwali

We are humbled by the improvement in new Prime member sign-ups and customers purchasing across categories as they believe Amazon is their best online shopping platform, declared Manish Tiwary, Vice President and Country Manager, India Consumer Business, Amazon. The all-around sales In the initial festive week are inclined to touch $5.9 billion this year.

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