Assam Police confiscated 2,400 kg of cannabis near the Assam -Tripura Border


On Saturday night near the interstate boundary, the Karimganj police in Assam confiscated 2,400 kg of marijuana (ganja) believed to have been smuggled from Tripura and detained two people, one of whom was a Panjab native.

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Niranjan Das, the inspector of Churaibari Watch Post, claimed that on Saturday night, they stopped the vehicle on National Highway-8 in response to earlier intelligence. The 18-wheeler goods carrier truck, with the registration number PB 04N 8281 and a load of drums, was reportedly halted at the Naka checkpoint.

According to the drivers, the vehicle was headed to New Delhi and originated in Tripura. When everything was thoroughly examined, we discovered 48 drums laden with ganja packages and 72 drums filled with liquid rubber. There were two cannabis (ganja) packets in each drum.

Days before this seizure, authorities in the Karimganj district confiscated 9.47kg of heroin. The consignment was coming from Mizoram and was headed toward Tripura, the police reported on Tuesday. A Patharkandi resident from Karimganj was the only one detained.

Four lakh Yaba pills were confiscated in a related case on September 27 in the Cachar district. When moving the Yaba tablets close to the Assam-Mizoram border, seven Manipur citizens were detained.

The arrested individuals are Parbinder Singh (27) and Jowel Hussain, according to Karimganj police superintendent Padmanabh Baruah (27). Jowel Hussain is from the Sepahijola region of Tripura, whereas Parbinder Singh is from the Panjab district of Faridkot.

In addition to this, the Karimganj police last month recovered almost 3,000 kg of cannabis in three separate cases. According to Baruah, “The Police are determined to stop the heavy production of cannabis”

In 2016, 10 kg of heroin was seized; in 2017, 5 kg; in 2018, 7 kg; in 2019, 23 kg; and in 2020, 27 kg. Since the Union Home Ministry’s instructions took effect, a zero-tolerance policy has been in force.

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On October 8, in front of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) destroyed nearly 40,000 kg of drugs across the northeastern states.

“Modi govt has implemented a zero-tolerance approach towards narcotics,” Amit Shah later wrote in a tweet. “The efforts made to address it should be broad in scope and coordinated because it is a national problem rather than a state or federal one.”


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