Author: Ajay M Reje

Highly motivated and dedicated, I bring a strong academic foundation in Geopolitics and International Relations, coupled with a diverse skill set encompassing research, analysis, and effective communication.Thriving in collaborative environments, I excel in interdisciplinary teamwork, valuing the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Myanmar crisis, South China Sea tensions loom over ASEAN meet - Asiana Times

On Tuesday, top diplomats from Southeast Asia will convene in Indonesia to address the ongoing political crisis in Myanmar and tensions in the South China Sea, where some ASEAN members and China have overlapping territorial claims. The meeting of foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is taking place amid growing concerns about the bloc’s credibility and unity in tackling the most pressing challenges in the region. One major issue is the lack of progress in implementing an Association of Southeast Asian Nations peace plan for Myanmar, which was agreed upon with the country’s military leaders after…

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World's war on greenhouse gas emissions has a military blind spot - Asiana Times

There is a significant issue that is often overlooked when assessing global emissions—the emissions produced by the world’s armed forces. As global temperatures continue to rise, scientists and environmental organizations are increasing their efforts to urge the United Nations (UN) to require militaries to disclose all of their emissions and eliminate a longstanding exemption that has allowed them to exclude certain climate pollutants from official records. Militaries are one of the largest consumers of fuel worldwide and are responsible for approximately 5.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, as estimated by international experts in 2022. International climate agreements do not impose…

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