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Reliance Ready To Buy 'Ed-a-Mamma' - Asiana Times

₹300-350 Crore Deal in TalksA Boom in The Merchandise RealmAmbitious Alia on Ed-a-MammaEd-a-Mamma: Economical and Eco-friendly!Expanding and Evolving The Remarkable Range of Reliance Ltd.Alia on the Silver Screen ₹300-350 Crore Deal in Talks Alia Bhatt’s label for children’s apparel, Ed-a-Mamma, is in talks to be purchased by Reliance Brands Ltd. for a price amounting to almost ₹300 to 350 crore. As per reliable reports, the kidswear brand will be acquired by one of the retail branches of Reliance Industries. Image Source: Fashion Law Journal The final talks about the accretion are ongoing between Ed-a-Mamma and Reliance Retail Ventures and it seems…

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‘I read Bhagavad Gita’ Admits Oppenheimer's Murphy. - Asiana Times

The release of the much-look-forward-to film from the arsenal of Christopher Nolan, ‘Oppenheimer’ is creating euphoria among the audience. Amidst promotional interviews and marketing campaigns, a phenomenal revelation has come to light! Image Source: Tfiposts Hindu Scripture provides InspirationOppenheimer: A Follower of Bhagavad Gita?“Now I am the destroyer of worlds,” says OppenheimerA Banging Release at The Box Office Hindu Scripture provides Inspiration The leading light of the film, Cillian Murphy, who essays the character of American theoretical physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, recently admitted that he had read the sacred Hindu Text ‘Bhagavad Gita’ as a part of his preparation for…

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Thailand’s Weed Laws Attracting Colossal Tourists! - Asiana Times

As Thailand legalizes marijuana dealings, a swarm of travellers flood in to try the forbidden weed for the first time  Tempted Asians Smoke Weed in ThailandNations on the Qui ViveFirm Laws on Drug Offences From Non-Smoker to A Non-Stop SmokerFirst-Time Users ‘Trained’ Tempted Asians Smoke Weed in Thailand A year back when Thailand decriminalized the vending of Marijuana, it has been inundated with tourists from across the globe. Proving to be quite a fierce magnet, pulling travellers to Thailand, this decision to legalize drugs is bewildering considering the fact that most Asian nations have stringent laws against marijuana.  About 70-80% of…

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India’s First DBS Surgery... A Phenomenal Success! - Asiana Times

Psychosurgery Cures Mental DisordersHow is DBS done?Why DBS Remained Unexplored As Yet?Obstacles Challenging DBS ExploitationDBS Promising Potential and Optimism  Psychosurgery Cures Mental Disorders India made a colossal breakthrough in the field of ‘psychosurgery’ by performing two DBS procedures on patients struggling with Depression and Schizophrenia.  The surgeries were done using the technique of Deep brain stimulation and mark the first of its kind operation in India and the 14th in the world.The procedure involved inserting electrodes at the sites affected by the psychiatric disorder and through a surgical process.  Image Source: Neurological Surgery The patient – A 28-year-old African man,…

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Harry Styles Injured Amidst Concert. Fans Furious - Asiana Times

Wincing in pain after being hit by an unknown flying object thrown by a fan, Harry Styles, on Saturday, joins the list of victims in the latest concert trend. Harry Styles, the Latest Target of ‘Concert Trend’Bebe Marred Amidst PerformanceMusicians Fall Prey to this Vile Concert Trend“Just Enjoy the Concert” begs Artists Harry Styles, the Latest Target of ‘Concert Trend’ Harry Styles’ dazzling concert in Vienna, Austria became a piece of breaking news for his fans when the singer was struck by an unidentified object hurled at him by a fan. Styles suffered lesions near the eye as he was…

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Smart Cards Make Tourism Effortless in Rajasthan! - Asiana Times

Traveling Made Effortless by Smart-CardsRush in Rajasthan StreamlinedSmart Cards Reinvent the Travel IndustryThe Future Holds More… Traveling Made Effortless by Smart-Cards Rajasthan, owing to its spectacular richness in culture, traditions, heritage, history, art, and architecture time and again asserts its hegemony over other Indian states by attracting crores of national and international tourists each year. The government of Rajasthan has decided to ease the sightseeing affair for tourists by issuing a ‘smart card’ for voyageurs. Image Source: IndiaMart A single card will enable people to enter multiple tourist spots and conveyance amenities. The Smart Cards will save the tourers the…

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Taylor’s Controversial Song ‘Better Than Revenge’ Altered! - Asiana Times

‘Matches’ Replaces ‘Mattress’ in ‘Better Than Revenge’Swift Regrets Jabbing Camilla “This change will never exist for me” Upset Fan comments‘Swifties’ Commend Taylor on the Altercation  ‘Matches’ Replaces ‘Mattress’ in ‘Better Than Revenge’ With the eagerly-anticipated Taylor Swift’s version of ‘Speak Now’ Album launching today – 7th July 2023, Swifties across the globe are over the moon! Admirers of the American vocalist are flooding social media with so much love and fervor ahead of the release of the re-recording of the 2010 album ‘Speak Now’. Image Source: People However, the fans were very brisk to notice a modification in one of the lines…

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