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from the city of jodhpur, a passionate author and educationist with a vision for sustainable development and spreading awareness about matters of national importance in a contextual and precise language among the people.

‘The Crown’ Season 5 Review - The Splendid Addictive Story of the Queen and Princess Diana - Asiana Times

“The Crown” show is so nicely mounted and majestically acted, that there is every chance that the passive viewers might easily accept it. As a historical fact in this vernacular era of fake news and the absurd University of social media, yet there is unfortunately no antidote to the laziness in thought.Following the tradition of casting change every year in the two seasons , Imelda Staunton takes over from the actress Olivia Colman as the Queen, Jonathan Pryce from Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Lesley Manville from Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret. Claudia Harrison replaces Erin Doherty as…

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India has emerged among the top 3 economic powers globally - Asiana Times

While speaking at the US – India Businesses and investment opportunities event in New Delhi, the finance minister of our country said that the Global Economic outlook continues to remain challenging and the economy of India is also not insulated from the impact of these emerging global developments. However, she pointed out that India has carved out its growth trajectory and has witnessed the leaps and bounds of various events like the support of the southwest monsoon for agriculture and agro-businesses, strong corporate balance sheets, public investment, and customer and business confidence, and the retreating threat of COVID pandemic. India…

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India prepared to host the women's world boxing championship 2024

Women’s World Boxing Championship 2024 India will host the Women’s World boxing championship in New Delhi in 2024, this decision is significant as it has come two years after the country was stripped of its right to host the men’s boxing event for not paying the requisite fee to this global governing body. India has never hosted the men’s world championship but it had the privilege of hosting the Women’s World Boxing Championship two times, in year 2006 and in the year 2018 in New Delhi.The secretary general of the Boxing Federation of India said that finally, the country has…

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National Interest

As a part of the guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking of satellite television channels in India 2022 which were approved by the Union cabinet all the satellite TV channels in India are required to broadcast 30 minutes if content daily on national importance and social relevance.These guidelines have been amended after 11 years, the government has already taken numerous steps to increase the ease of doing business, and to date, about 870 channels are operational in the satellite TV industry. Revised Guidelines The revised guidelines have made it an obligation for all channels including the private TV channels to undertake…

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The latest amendments in the aadhaar rules - Asiana Times

The Government of India And UIDAI has recently amended the Aadhaar regulations and has specified that the supporting documents associated with Aadhaar card may be updated at least once by the Aadhaar holders after completion of ten years since the enrollment has been done.The Ministry of Electronics and Information has clarified that these Updation are not mandatory. The latest changes have been made by tweaking the Aadhaar enrolment and update regulations. Earlier in October 2022 the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had urged the citizens of the country to provide valid updates of their identification and residence proof documents…

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Veerangana Sewa Kendra - The Ministry of Defense proudly launches a grievance redressal portal for Veer naris - Asiana Times

The widow of a member of armed forces who has laid down his life while fighting for the country in a war or any military operation is called as a Veer nari. The Veerangana Sewa Kendra was inaugurated by the President of the Army wives Welfare Association on the premises of the Directorate of Indian Army Veterans in Delhi Cantonment.The Veerangana Sewa portalThis portal will be available as a service of the Indian Army Veterans Portal . This system will facilitate the registration of grievances with tracking , monitoring and regular feedback of the applicant. Veer naris or the…

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India's first national repository for life science data- Indian Biological Data Centre launched at Faridabad - Asiana Times

This centre has been established at the Regional centre of Biotechnology at Faridabad supported by the Department of Biotechnology and a data disaster recovery site at ‘National Informatics Centre’, Bhubaneswar.It has a data storage capacity of about 4 petabytes, and houses the High Performance Computing facility, ‘Brahm’.This facility will incentivise advanced computational research for Indian researchers. It has started accepting user requests at The IBDC has started data collection from over 50 research labs in India, it has collected data of 200 billion bases from ‘Indian Nucleotide Data Archive’ . The IBDC has a centralised dashboard which provides customised…

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