Author: Krishna Yadav

I am a student journalist at the Asian College of Journalism with a background in law. Specializing in politics, law, and foreign affairs, I offer a unique perspective on these topics. I am passionate about using my work to shed light on important issues and hold those in power accountable. As a dedicated and driven individual, I am committed to making a meaningful contribution to the field of journalism.

<strong>ADR Report: Nagaland MLAs' Average Asset Growth Jumps 30% Ahead of 2024 Elections"</strong> - Asiana Times

A recent report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has revealed that the assets of 47 of the 53 recontesting members of the Nagaland Assembly have seen a dramatic increase from 0.1% to 6870%. The report was released just a week before the assembly elections, which are due to take place on February 27. According to the ADR report, the average assets of the 53 contesting MLAs have increased by ₹1.64 crores, from ₹5.46 crore in 2018 to ₹7.10 crore in 2024, with an average growth of 30%. The report analysed the self-sworn affidavits of the 53 contesting MLAs,…

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