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My name is Misha Kumari and I am a first-year law student. My daily hobbies include playing volleyball, dancing and just pure socializing.

Kangana Ranaut on Aryan khan’s arrest

How does it get started The story began when Hrithik Roshan extended his support to Shah rukh khan’s son Aryan Khan in the alleged drug bust case. Aryan, the son of actor shah rukh khan, was arrested on Saturday after the narcotics control bureau busted an alleged rave party on a goa bound cruise ship. Aryan was born to a Muslim patient father, Shahrukh khan and a Hindu brahmin mother, Gauri khan. Shah rukh khan, known by initialism SRK, is an Indian actor, film producer, and television personality. He is popularly king of Bollywood and king khan.  Kangana took to…

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‘Must focus on holistic development’: UGC CHIEF

Far from ago This broad topic came into a discussion on Friday by university grants commission(UGC) chairman prof D P Singh while delivering his convocation address at the eleventh conference of the ICFAI Foundation for higher education held virtually here. If today anyone has to imagine the world of a few centuries ago probably get devasted only by thinking how they were living at that point of time without having the internet as a much more excellent source of entertainment. In this 21st century, everything revolves with respect for each other. Nothing is in complete isolation, so today, we can’t…

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Discrimination leads to the pullout of the hockey team

The reciprocal quarantining and then counter quarantining measures between India and UK in travel have spilt over into hockey field or off the hockey team because those matches will not now be played. However, these are certain to spill over and far more seriously into the political and economic fields. As vaccine tussle continues between India and the united kingdom, the Indian hockey team withdrew from the 2022 commonwealth Games yesterday. Indian hockey team cited the covid situation in the united kingdom and 10-day mandatory quarantine rules for Indians to pull out of the game.  England earlier announced its withdrawal…

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