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Neha is a young writer with a keen interest in business, economy and share markets. She has also written across genres like entertainment, technology and politics. Her writing can be described as simple and to the point.

Exclusive articles:

Increased repo rate leads to higher interest on home loans: What can we do?

RBI increased the repo rate to pre-pandemic levels. This affects the borrowings from the bank and their interests. Home loans taken during the pandemic will suffer due to the increased rate of interest.

Russia becomes second-biggest crude oil supplier to India

With the constant rise in oil prices and the fragile economic conditions, imports of crude oil in India have been a hassle. Russia has become the second biggest crude oil supplier to India surpassing Saudi Arabia.

Q1 results of SBI; net profits dip by 6.7 percent

State Bank of India (SBI) released its results for the first quarter (Q1) of this year (FY23). The bank generated profits but did not reach the market estimations. The public sector bank talks about government securities and their impact on their performance.

Bharat Electronics to issue bonus shares

Bharat Electronics Ltd. will issue bonus shares to the current shareholders. The ratio decided by the company is 2:1 and this issue will take place after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled in August.

Angshu Mallick of Adani Wilmar reacts to GST on unbranded food

After the application of GST on unbranded, non-packaged food products, the company benefits. Angshu Mallick of Adani Wilmar talks about the effects of this on the FMCG business.

Uber likely to sell its stake in Zomato

Uber Technologies is likely to sell its 7.8 percent Zomato. This comes after the company’s latest acquisition and the company’s performance in the first quarter of this financial year.

Zomato to change management structure plans for multiple CEOs

Ahead of the Zomato-Blinkit acquisition deal, Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato plans to change the management structure. The company is planning to have multiple CEOs and all the companies will be functioning under one name.

Where is the 5G Spectrum Auction headed after Day 6?

The 5G Spectrum auction with the most prominent market players bidding completed 6 days on Sunday. This is one of the biggest biddings in Indian telecom history. It enters the second week, increasing audience expectations.

IT sector’s white-collar job market slowed in July

As we enter the Q2 for FY23, the job market has been experiencing a dry spell. Employers and employees in the IT sector have experienced a major decline and various macroeconomic factors can be held responsible for that.

Vijay Sharma says Paytm IPO Was “A Sort Of Graduation”

Paytm is one of the largest internet companies and works extensively in finance. The company launched its IPO in November 2021, but the response was not good. Since the beginning, the company’s share has been dropping.



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