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Nivedita Harsh is an advocate and a defense attorney by profession., a lover of books, and a writer by passion. Completed her Law degree in 2021 and working as an advocate at the Rajasthan High Court since. When you don’t find her buried in paperwork and legal notices, you might find her reading one of Agatha Christie's compelling works of fiction, holding a nice cup (jar) of iced coffee. Or annoying her white fluffer pup. Nivedita writes early in the morning, then spends the rest of the day trying to cope with infinite amout of legal paperwork

Husband forcing wife to accept his extramarital affair is cruelty: Madras High Court

The High Court, however, held that the mere act of having an extra marital affair will not be sufficient to hold a person guilty of abetment of suicide. [Dhananchezhiyan vs The State Represented by the Inspector of Police] The Madras High Court has ruled that a husband’s willful conduct of having an extramarital affair and then forcing his wife to accept the same and give money to support that affair constitutes mental cruelty under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. However, Justice G Jayachandran ruled that the simple act of having an extramarital affair is insufficient to find a…

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<a></a>Stateless woman residing in India since 1966 moves Bombay High Court for citizenship - Asiana Times

The petitioner, who was born in Uganda to Indian-origin British parents, claimed that she has been living in India since 1966. A 66-year-old lady of Indian heritage residing in India, who is now stateless, has petitioned the Bombay High Court to review the decision of the Deputy Collector of Mumbai Suburban District to deny her application for Indian citizenship. The petitioner’s attorneys, Aditya Chitale and Prathamesh Bhosale, informed the court that the petitioner was born in Uganda to parents of Indian descent who possessed British passports. She had lived in India since 1966, when she moved there with her mother.…

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'My Kaali is queer': Leena Manimekalai amid controversy over film poster - Asiana Times

Leena Manimekalai who identifies herself as bisexual and atheist said in her film Goddess Kaali inhabits her body and wanders the city streets. “My Kaali is queer. She is a free spirit. She spits at the patriarchy. She dismantles Hindutva. She destroys capitalism. She embraces everyone with all her thousand hands,” she said. In an interview with Voice of America, filmmaker Leena Manimakalai stated that she perceived Kaali as herself in the controversial documentary film poster depicting a woman smoking while disguised as the Hindu goddess Kaali. “My Kaali is gay. She is an individualist. She hurls insults at patriarchy.…

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Twitter’s challenge to the Center's takedown orders flags legal issues of free speech - Asiana Times

While Twitter’s case may be painted as a Silicon Valley platform’s defiance of the GoI, at the core of the legal issues is the right to freedom of expression and the future of Digital India. Twitter has filed a writ petition with the Karnataka High Court against the Ministry of Electronics and IT’s a week-long celebration of the eighth anniversary of the Digital India initiative. Far from dampening a moment of national pride, it exemplifies the Faustian deal of digitalization, which offers financial and social benefits in exchange for the surrender of our civil and political rights. This is evident…

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No Legal Basis For Ban On Service Charge In Food Bills: Restaurants' Association

The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) said the government cannot make changes in the levy of service charges by making guidelines. The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) stated on Wednesday that the government cannot make changes to the service charge levied on food bills by issuing guidelines and that the CCPA’s decision to prohibit hotels and restaurants from such a practice has caused unnecessary confusion amongst consumers and disrupted restaurant operations. It alleged that “repeated guidelines” are being used to attempt to launch a campaign against this restaurant industry practice without any legal basis while asserting that service…

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Calling Kashmir ‘Occupied’ & Kashmiris ‘Slaves’ Is Unlawful J&K High Court 

In his 32-page decision, Justice Hari Shankar stated that when the impoverished and disadvantaged approach the Court, it must be attentive, aware, and aware of the fact that these plaintiffs lack access to thorough legal resources. “Law, with all its legalese, is nothing if the disadvantaged cannot obtain justice” “As one of the three constitutive branches of government, but acting independently and unaffected by the other two, the judiciary must remain as sensitive to the requirements of Articles 38 and 39 as the legislative and administration. “Law, with all its legalese, is nothing if the disadvantaged cannot obtain justice,” the…

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SpiceJet flight

SpiceJet’s Dubai-bound flight from Delhi makes an emergency landing in Karachi, and authorities alerted A SpiceJet Dubai-bound flight departed from Delhi(DEL) on route to Dubai(DBX), scheduled to land in India had to make an emergency landing in Karachi (Jinnah International Airport) in lieu of alleged technical faults in the flight.Untitled design (4) SpiceJet’s Dubai-bound flight from Delhi authorities alerte A Dubai-bound SpiceJet’s SG-11 aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport (Pakistan) due to an alleged technical glitch in the flight. SpiceJet’s Dubai-bound Delhi makes an landing in Karachi, and authorities alerted This is not the first…

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Amid violent protests, Samsung Pakistan apologises for ‘blasphemy’

After violent demonstrations erupted in Karachi after allegedly blasphemous remarks aired in a mall in the neighboring country’s largest city, Samsung Pakistan issued an apology. Samsung Pakistan stated in a statement that it “maintains impartiality on religious sensitivities” and that it has launched an internal investigation into the situation. As many as 27 Samsung employees have been detained after alleged blasphemous comments were played inside Karachi’s Star City Mall on Friday. Here’s all you need to know about the controversy: (1) A WiFi gadget put in the Star City Mall aired the allegedly profane statements on Friday. As the word…

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