Author: Noorjahan Begum

Zika Virus Outbreak

Zika Virus: The first known case of the mosquito-borne virus in Uganda was in 1947. The Aedes mosquito bites it. Karnataka, Kolar District 5-year-old girl has tested positive for the mosquito-borne Zika virus Confirmed by health minister Dr K Sudhakar of Karnataka. The Aedes mosquito bites during the day. Chikungunya is one of the diseases the mosquitoes transmit. There is no treatment for the virus. The vaccine against the Zika virus is not available yet. Guillain-Barre syndrome is linked with the virus. The first case of the disease in the state was in 2020. The experts say that the virus can…

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Semifinal

FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina could have serious problems in the important match against Croatia. Lionel Messi, the captain of the team, could receive a suspension and miss an important game. After Messi criticized referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, FIFA issued a disciplinary action against him. FIFA will announce its Decision today.  Reason Why: The quarter-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands is a brainstorming match between two powerful teams. The game’s lack of discipline was evident in numerous incidents involving players and coaching staff at both clubs. As a result, referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz had to show 16 yellow cards…

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6 Great Ways to Stay Fit without Hitting the Gym - Asiana Times

People around the world are trying to establish new routines to maintain their physical and mental health and stay fit. All of you may be thinking about:   Research has shown that staying inactive is bad for your both physical and mental health, so finding ways to stay fit may seem like a lot of work but physical activity is essential to keep your immune system at peak condition, it eliminates bacteria from the lungs and airways while increasing your white blood cell circulation and raising body temperature. If you work Smartly, things may not be seemed this exhausting like from following diets…

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