Priyanshu. Khandelwal

I am pursuing my graduation from Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, new Delhi. I am journalism student. I am a passionate, hardworking, goal-oriented person. I am good at communication, writing skills, public speaking and I love to explore new things as I am always a curious being. I am a chatter box about the topics which are neglected by the society.

Exclusive articles:

                          Media Bias

Source- wikipedia One issue that plagues us ordinarily without us in any event, acknowledging it is journalistic prejudice. We see it in the news. We...

Seven years after Akhlaq’s grisly homicide, his family actually hangs tight for equity

Source -Wikipedia Regardless of the environment of dread, says Akhlaq's sibling Jaan Mohammed, he will keep on seeking after the fight in court against the...

New Education Policy(NEP) Is It Effective?

velopment (quickly to be known as the Ministry of Education). The coverage is geared toward reworking the Indian schooling machine to meet the wishes of the twenty-first Century.

Religion-based populace equilibrium can presently not be overlooked: RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat

Source -wikipedia Mr. Bhagwat was talking at a program to observe Vijayadasami in Nagpur Following 75 years of Freedom, India currently needs a populace control strategy...

How Has Technology Changed the Entertainment Industry

The innovation has affected diversion as of late. This has happened so quickly that media outlets appear to be totally unique from what it was quite a while back. This is incredible information for the clients. We have been moved through time and presently we live in a universe of innovation.


Standardized instruction has been impacted altogether by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic since schools have been shut as one of the countermeasures to resolve this worldwide issue. Accordingly, internet learning has turned into the favored method of conveying guidance to understudies. With the quick pace of mechanical development over the most recent 20 years, individuals are currently getting a charge out of perhaps the main mechanical blast in mankind's set of experiences. In the field of schooling, web based learning is turning out to be more prevailing and vigorously bantered as it grows out of the conventional study hall towards anybody with admittance to the Internet.

Neediness, joblessness are devils in this day and age: RSS

India ought to address monetary imbalance, says general secretary Hosabale Neediness and joblessness are evil presences in this day and age, said general secretary of...


    Source -Wikipedia    Introduction – The Rise of Fast Fashion  Quick style is the term used to portray clothing plans that move rapidly from the catwalk to stores...

Not in rush, nor burning to become Bihar CM: Tejashwi Yadav

The Bihar Vice president Pastor was answering an idea by RJD president Jagdanand Singh that he ought to take over from Nitish Kumar as...

Shashi Tharoor: Man of words and numerous autonomous moves

Sources - wikipedia New Delhi, Sep 30 (PTI) By documenting his selection as Congress president on Friday, Shashi Tharoor has shown he is no 'quockerwodger'...


Opposition lines up issues as the government prepares bills as the House meets today, ED to EC in Ladakh

The government has prepared 16 new Bills for consideration and passage, and the opposition has identified a number of problems, including the alleged abuse of investigation agencies.

Advancement in your Eye maturation talks about your Kidney health

Researchers say the Vasculature of your aging eyes is linked to the kidney health of the individual. Your kidney health can be screened with biomarkers in the eyes which helps in treating kidney diseases easily.

Increase in Deaths seen in New Mothers and Pregnant women, due to Drug overdose

Deaths due to overdose are now evident in pregnant women and postpartum stages of mothers reached a high number in 2020 during COVID-19 to the study revealed by Mailman School of Public health, Columbia University.

Neuralink –  how does the technology work?

Neuralink is under a federal investigation due to its...

CM Yogi on Integrated Court Complex

To decrease the rush in courts and to ease...

Lying is an illness in itself

Something that people do unintentionally to boost their ego....

Court asks Agnihotri to express remorse in person in response to his written apology

Film director Vivek Agnihotri submitted an unconditional apology to...

SARS-CoV-2 variants still transmissible between species, a newly published study

The findings were based on humans and some species of bat in the genus Rhinolophus. Spike proteins in several SARS-CoV-2 variants interact with ACE2 receptors on host cells.

Shooting Starts for Akshay Kumar Starrer “Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat”

Akshay Kumar transforms into Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as shooting...