Taniya Thappa

Taniya Thappa is a Journalism student currently working with Asiana Times. She is passionate and ambitious about her goals. She always keeps exploring new fields and interests.

Exclusive articles:

Indian made cough syrups under the radar of WHO after the death of 66 children in Gambia

WHO issued an alert on Wednesday over a cold and cough syrup manufactured in India. The WHO added it might be linked to the...

Iranian Passenger Plane Safely Landed in China

India received an alert that the Iranian Mahan Air passenger plane has the possibility of a bomb on board. From Tehran in Iran, the plane was to land in China’s Guangzhou. India received an alert from the Lahore air traffic control (ATC) about the possibility of a bomb on the plane, as reported by the Times of India.

Chandigarh Airport Has Been Renamed  

Chandigarh airport has been renamed after Shaheed Bhagat Singh, giving tribute to the freedom fighter on his 115th birth anniversary. The Ministry of Civil...

In a Massive Ruling the Supreme Court Entitles Unmarried Women the Right of Safe and Legal Abortion   

A massive ruling by the Supreme Court of India. Unmarried women are also entitled to legal and safe abortion.


Last year, Delhi reported 9,613 cases of dengue and 23 people died due to the disease. It is not just dengue but other vector-borne diseases like chikungunya cases are rising but are currently under control.

Operation Megha Chakra: Crack Down on Child Sexual Abuse Material

The operation Megha Chakra launched by the Central Bureau of investigation on Saturday in 20 states and UTs. The searches are being conducted in 20 states and UTs as a crackdown on the circulation and sharing of child abuse material on the internet. The Operation  is chosen because the Child Sexual Abuse Material was being circulated through the cloud space on the internet.

Khosta-2 Virus: Is it a Threat to Humans?  

Just amid our fight to completely eradicate Covid-19, a new virus, Khosta-2: A new vaccine-resistant virus similar to covid discovered in Russian bats. Khosta-2 has been found in Russian Bats. The virus has the potential to infect human beings. The research has been published in the PLoS Pathogens Journal. The similarity of the virus has been cited with the covid-19 virus. 

New Rules to be Implemented in the Cricket by ICC

This happened after the Chief Executive Committee sanctioned the recommendation made by Men’s Cricket Committee led by Sourav Ganguly. These changes will be operational...

Human Stray Dog Conflicts: Countering Them is the Need of the Hour  

According to the Livestock Census of 2019, which is a national level information gathering census conducted every five years, there are 203.31 lakhs stray...

Ukraine The preferred destination for Students

Recently, a petition was filed by Indian medical students who were forced to leave Ukraine in the backdrop of escalated war tension with Russia,...


Increase in Deaths seen in New Mothers and Pregnant women, due to Drug overdose

Deaths due to overdose are now evident in pregnant women and postpartum stages of mothers reached a high number in 2020 during COVID-19 to the study revealed by Mailman School of Public health, Columbia University.

Neuralink –  how does the technology work?

Neuralink is under a federal investigation due to its...

CM Yogi on Integrated Court Complex

To decrease the rush in courts and to ease...

Lying is an illness in itself

Something that people do unintentionally to boost their ego....

Court asks Agnihotri to express remorse in person in response to his written apology

Film director Vivek Agnihotri submitted an unconditional apology to...

SARS-CoV-2 variants still transmissible between species, a newly published study

The findings were based on humans and some species of bat in the genus Rhinolophus. Spike proteins in several SARS-CoV-2 variants interact with ACE2 receptors on host cells.

Shooting Starts for Akshay Kumar Starrer “Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat”

Akshay Kumar transforms into Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as shooting...

World Bank Report : India’s GDP to grow at 6.9% in FY23

According to a World Bank report released on Tuesday,...

6 Unforgettable  losses for Indian cricket team in 2022

Team India has not had a fantastic year in...