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LIMA – Dec 8- After a day of political drama Leftist leader Pedro Castillo was deposed from office in an impeachment trial after making a last-ditch effort to retain power by dissolving Congress Peru’s new president Boluarte was sworn in on Wednesday Boluarte, 60, who will serve as president through 2026, will be the country’s first female president. After months of unrest, including two prior impeachment attempts, she called for a political ceasefire and announced the formation of a new cabinet that would include representatives from all political parties. Castillo’s decision to dissolve Congress was denounced by her as an…

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Regarding the eruption of Mount Semeru, thousands of people in Java, Indonesia, are on high alert. - Asiana Times

JAKARTA, Dec 5 – On Monday, authorities imposed an 8-kilometer no-go zone Authorities ordered the evacuation of entire villages, placing thousands of residents in East Java, Indonesia, on high alert following a violent eruption at the island’s tallest volcano. Tholib Vatelehan, a Basarnas spokesperson, told the source that the provincial search and rescue organization had sent teams to the worst-affected areas close to Mount Semeru to assess the damage, with the recent lack of rain providing some relief. All the materials from the mountain’s summit fell yesterday due to the heavy rainfall. But today, he said, there hasn’t been any…

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With an oil price cap, the G7 starts to pressure Russia over Ukraine. - Asiana Times

KYIV, Dec 5 – The G7 price cap on Russian seaborne oil went into effect on Monday In an effort by the West to restrict Moscow’s ability to finance its conflict in Ukraine. Russia has stated that it will not comply with the measure, even if it means reducing production. After European Union members overcame resistance from Poland, the G7 countries and Australia agreed on Friday to a $60 per barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil. The cap was set at that level, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who claimed that this demonstrated weakness on the part…

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Delhi, India- The US envoy in New Delhi Said that it is a sovereign decision of countries to make given that India continues to import oil from Russia at reduced prices amid the conflict in Ukraine. Despite the goal of Washington’s policy, the goal is to reduce revenues to Russia to fund its war, The charge of affairs of the US embassy in New Delhi, Elizabeth Jones, stated in her first media interview since her arrival last month, on the oil cap, the goal of the policy is to reduce revenues to Russia that could be used to increase its…

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U.S. and France present a unified front to hold Russia accountable for its actions in Ukraine - Asiana Times

WASHINGTON/KHERSON, Ukraine, Dec 2 – The presidents of the United States, France, and the European Union pledged to hold Russia accountable for its actions in Ukraine, and the EU reached a provisional agreement on a cap on oil prices to reduce Moscow’s export revenues. As winter has arrived nine months into Russia’s invasion, Western powers are attempting to mobilize support for Ukraine, which is suffering from missile and drone attacks that target the city’s power, water, and heating systems. In the meantime, Russia claimed that NATO and the United States had a direct hand in the conflict and that…

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