Beijing Closes Schools As New Covid-19 Cases Spike


New Spike in Covid-19 cases 

In light of recent events, China’s capital Beijing has ordered to close all schools and educational institutions in the city until further notice. 

China has been battling rising number of COVID cases in the past week. Many cities like Shanghai have underwent strict and thorough lockdown to try and curb the epidemic. 

With the new infection, Sweeps through the country Chinese officials have started to employ strict measures, to stop the virus before it spreads further among the masses. 

In the latest wave, Beijing has been fighting localized cluster infections, with numbers reaching 150 this week. On Thursday 50 new cases were recorded.  

Nearly 30% of all cases are consisted of student’s , with infection clusters linked to six schools and two kindergarten’s. As new covid-19 cases spike, the regional education bureau has ordered all schools in the district to halt classes starting today with no further directions of when classes will be resumed. 

It has not yet been determined whether students facing exams will be allowed to return to school or if schools will facilitate online classes for the convenience of the students. 

The current condition 

The city of 21 million residents has already underwent three rounds of mass testing this week, thereby prompting people to hoard off food supplies and other necessities in case a lockdown is imposed. 

Both online and in stores shoppers flocked to stock up on vegetables, meat, instant noodles and toilet paper. 

The current condition of Chinese cities was previously unseen. Technological advancement and effectivity has helped China to curb the spreading epidemic previously, but at this time China seems to struggle with the efforts to manage and minimize the effects of the virus on the country’s inhabitants. 

In comparison to other Chinese cities, the capital city of Beijing has acted quickly as new COVID-19 cases spike. Officials are trying to stop the spread of the virus while the numbers are low. 

The Increase in number of mass testing’s, is a protectionary measure by the government to avoid implementing sweeping measures upon the residents. 

In Shanghai  

The highly infectious Omicron variant has been tearing through the city’s inhabitants. The strict lockdown imposed by the government has held the citizens hostage in their homes for near about a month now, with schools conducting regular online classes since March. 

China's daily Covid cases hit two-year high, reports nearly 2,000 new  infections


 Both Shanghai and Beijing are now under lockdown, two of the biggest cities in the country that power much of the nation’s economy has been halted due to government orders in an uncompromising bid to curb the pandemic as new Covid-19 cases spike. 

The once bustling financial hub of Shanghai has entered a standstill for quite a few weeks now, with Beijing implementing strict and stringent policies to stop the virus. 

With the virus spreading across different districts in the country in much faster speed than previously anticipated, the Chinese government has been struggling to catch up. 

With authorities imposing complete or partial lockdown on nearly 27 cities in the country, nearly 165 million people are to be affected by China’s newly implemented precautionary measures. 

Since March 1 nearly half a million people have been infected by omicron in the city of Shanghai, thereby marking the worst Covid-19 cases spike ever recorded in China. 

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees


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