Tejasvi Yadav promises hundreds of jobs to the unemployed and poor within a month. 

The new deputy chief minister of Bihar and RJD supremo Tejasvi Yadav promises hundreds of jobs for youth and poor. He promises that it (recruitment) would be on a never-seen-before level. He promises to provide the jobs within a month.

RJD and JDU formed the government after Nitish Kumar broke an alliance with the BJP. Nitish Kumar took oath as the chief minister and Tejasvi Yadav as his deputy.

Tejasvi Kumar asks other states to follow what Bihar has done (pointing to breaking the alliance with BJP). He says BJP is trying to fuel communal tensions and weaken the regional parties.

“Bihar did what the country needs to do. We have shown them away. Our fight has been against unemployment. Our CM felt the pain of the poor and youth. We will give bumper jobs within one month to the poor and youth. It will be something so grand that it has never happened before,” the newly appointed deputy chief minister said.

It is, however, unclear how the new government plans to do it. He adds that the fight has always been against unemployment and Nitish Kumar has done the right thing by breaking away from BJP. 

Yadav takes a jibe at the BJP and says, ‘Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) is so strong that BJP will sit alone in the opposition.’

Nitish Kumar took oath yesterday as he became the chief minister of Bihar for the record eighth time. JDU and RJD joined hands in 2015 as well and formed the government only to break away in 2017. 

Opposition parties seek to counter BJP

Opposition parties across the country are trying to form alliances to counter the BJP in the 2024 elections. After the oath ceremony, Nitish Kumar addressed the media and said that he has no aspirations for the post of prime minister but he will not remain in Bihar. 

Hinting at Prime Minister Modi, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that those who won in 2014 will not come back in 2024. 

Earlier Shiv Sena in Maharashtra had also broken alliance with BJP after the elections. However, a faction of Shiv Sena led by Eknath Shinde came together and formed the government in Maharashtra.

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