BTS V Achieves New Heights on Instagram, Surpassing A Popular K-Pop Group!


BTS V Achieves a new milestone on Instagram, surpassing a popular K-pop Group. Read the full article to know more!


There are countless milestones that BTS V has broken since the group as a whole joined Instagram in December 2021. He gained 10 Million Followers in just 43 minutes and broke Blackpink Lisa’s record of most numbers of likes gained in a post within 1 hour.

As he is really close to achieving 50 Million Followers in just a few months after opening his Instagram Account. BTS Taehyung just surpassed a popular K-pop Group in the number of Followers on Instagram.

Source: Twitter

V has achieved a total of 48 Million Followers on Instagram surpassing the Blackpink official Group Account with 47.7 Million Followers also making him the 6th most followed K-pop Artist on Instagram.

Source: Twitter

Along with this, V is the most followed male K-pop Artist on Instagram. In terms of his influence on Instagram, the website Hype Auditor ranks Instagram profiles based on authentic engagement and other factors. Based on this data, V ranks #9 with his engagement rate, making him the only K-Pop artist to be in the top 10!

Image Source: Twitter

Recently, BTS V aka Kim Teahyung Posted a mini vlog of his trip to Paris and it was his first reel on Instagram. Now, Taehyung holds the record for the Most Viewed Instagram reels in the first 24 hours for an Artist in the World.

Congratulations to V, and here’s to BTS members breaking more social media records in the future!

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