China plant fire leaves 38 dead and 2 injured.


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For the rescue, local fire departments mobilized 63 cars and 240 firefighters.

At least 38 workers have died as a result of a large fire at a business and trade organization in the Henan province of central China, according to local authorities on Tuesday.

According to the state’s publicity department, it took firemen more than four hours to put out the fire that started on Monday at the facility in the Wenfeng district of Anyang city in the Henan province.

Around 11 p.m. on Monday, firefighters put the fire out according to the report.

The state-run CGTN stated on Tuesday that 38 people had died and 2 had been injured.

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For the rescue, local fire departments mobilized 63 cars and 240 firefighters. According to the report, a team from China’s Ministry of Emergency Management has also been sent to the area.

The incident is the subject of an inquiry by the local police. It has not yet been determined what started the fire.



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