COP27 : Negotiations still in progress


The COP27 meeting, which began two weeks ago and was supposed to end on Friday, now seems likely to linger into the weekend.

Many of the over 40,000 participants have already departed, and workers have begun to pack up the enormous pavilions in the enormous conference zone.

Over time, COP gatherings have changed to resemble trade shows, with numerous nations and business associations setting up booths and exhibits for meetings and panel discussions.

Many stands had chairs that were neatly arranged and ready to be removed.

A table at the youth pavilion, a meeting place for young activists, had a stack of handmade postcards from kids to the negotiators.

This may have served as an accurate metaphor for the negotiations’ current situation since they made little headway. One card was addressed to the COP27 negotiators, thanking them for their part.

Some of the cards were occasionally scattered over the floor by gusts of wind coming from the nearby open doors.

Image source: Business Standard

The significance of the COP27 summit 

The conclusion of the summit, which was scheduled to end on Friday, is widely regarded as a test of world commitment to combating climate change as the European war and escalating consumer inflation have diverted attention.

Released on Friday morning, an official text of the accord restated prior commitments to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the point at which experts predict the effects of climate change will become significantly severe.

There is a lot of dispute regarding the idea of progressively ceasing the use of all fossil fuels to stop the rise in global temperatures as the COP27 negotiations come to an end.

The Egyptian hosts are hoping to arbitrate a settlement between more than 200 nations after two weeks of talks.

Due to the degree of disagreement, the words could continue into the weekend.

There is a real sense of urgency in the Red Sea Resort of Sharm el-Sheikh as negotiation teams try to come to an agreement on a variety of complex issues.

The Egyptian presidency has provided a draught document summarising the positions of the major states.

Meeting Held at COP27
Image Source: Business world online

Setbacks left unaddressed in the COP27 Summit 

However, it left essential concerns unaddressed, such as the fundamental bone of contention between wealthy and developing countries over how to pay those already devastated by climate-related floods, droughts, mega-storms, and wildfires.

Potentially marking a turning point, the European Union declared late on Thursday that it will support the G77 group’s demand of 134 poor nations.

Negotiations are still bogged down on crucial topics, such as funding for the loss and damage incurred by poorer, more vulnerable countries affected by extreme weather, and there is little promise of a breakthrough.

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For another day of negotiations, representatives from several foreign delegations came to the vast conference area, which is currently largely empty.

Egyptian ambassador Wael Aboulmagd, in charge of the group from Egypt, stated that talks continued into the night as some documentation needed to be completed.

Standing ovations were given to 10-year-old Nakeeyat Dramani of Ghana when she urged the delegates to uphold their obligations and make decisive actions, such as paying for the losses and harm brought on by climate change. 

Image Source: Arab News

Is there a way forward?

Today, November 19, a final decision on the outcomes of COP27 is anticipated, including the Cover Decision and an agreement on a fund for loss and damage that the G77 countries are pushing for.

On November 19 in the evening, the COP27 presidency was scheduled to give a news briefing.

The crucial point is that it needs to be both ambitious and balanced, according to Alok Sharma, the British representative who presided over the negotiations in Glasgow last year.

John Kerry, a leading US climate envoy, tested positive in a setback. The way the Egyptian presidency was presiding over the negotiations was also causing the negotiators increasing frustration.

Some complained about the consultations’ lack of transparency, while others claimed it was more unpredictable than prior discussions.



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