Covid Vaccine: Women are suffering more as compared to men


Women are faced with more after vaccination symptoms as compared to men’s. Researchers justify it with women’s high anxiety, better immune system and hormonal changes

Why Covid Vaccine affecting Women

Having Mild side effects after vaccination is pretty standard, but not everyone faces the symptoms. The amount of side effects depends on your immune system.

It’s not harmful at all and doesn’t leave long term effects on the body. Covid 19 vaccines are the same.

Vaccines are created antibodies in our body to fight back the virus, and for that, dead covid or similar viruses are injected into our body.

They act like the real ones and trigger an immune response.

The process may look similar to covid symptoms like fever, fatigue, nausea, body ache, etc.

Some people experienced itchiness, redness and swelling at the injection site and vomiting after their Covid vaccine doses for one or two days.

Data analysis says that most of the covid vaccine symptoms are recorded as mild and not severe in a report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

But in the case of ratio, women are reported to have more vaccine-related side effects than men’s.

Women report almost 79% of total side effects. Some evidence suggests that certain factors may influence severe side effects in the case of women.

Some researchers mentioned a higher level of anxiety for showing up symptoms faster than men’s.

Healthy Immune System

Women are more likely to have side effects of the vaccines because they have a more robust and healthier immune system.

Vaccines activate the immune system, producing antibodies for fighting against pathogens, leading to inflammatory responses and various side effects.

Researchers show women have more vigorous antibodies as compared to males. Many researchers believe it could be due to behavioural factors.

Role of hormones

Some experts justify and indict hormones for the side effects. Female hormone estrogen generally influences the immune system.

On the other hand, testosterone, the male hormone, acts as an immunosuppressant.

Women’s bodies are subject to autoimmune diseases like lupus and various sclerosis.

Hormonal imbalance and genetic differences also play a role in body reactions and natural causes.

Effect on Menstrual Cycle

Worldwide wide many women complain online about the vaccine impacting their menstrual cycle.

They faced the side effects like having periods before time, incurring heavy flow or having multiple periods in the same process.

A study on covid affected women found that 72% of women didn’t feel any changes in the menstrual cycle.

And others found abnormalities in their process. But there are no studies on vaccinated women.

Another fact is most of the recorded adverse effects were mainly experienced by women.

In the case of Pfizer vaccine side effects, after the 1st dose, various allergic side effects were found, and 19 out of 21 cases were recorded in women.

Indian Medical Association(IMA) Kochi found that the younger age group faced more symptoms after the vaccination than the elder group.

Because of the better immune system in the younger group. And as per a report from the Times Of India proven ‘the milder symptom for aged’ theory.

And in an online survey found most of the people experienced tiredness, myalgia and fever after taking the vaccine dose.

Covid vaccine side effects can be managed and disappear within one or two days. Follow doctors suggestions and take a rest, avoiding strenuous activities.

If the side effects feel intolerable, then you can take a pain-relieving medicine with doctors’ concerns.

Drink enough water and make some gentle arm moves for blood flow which help to reduce your arms pain. And remember, it’s a sign that your immune system is working.

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