Dalit boy assaulted over suspicion of theft in Karnataka


A mere 14-year-old Dalit boy was tied to a pole and was mercilessly assaulted by the local residents of Kempadenahalli village. Yashvanth, the victim was brought to the mud on suspicion of theft.

Dalit boy beaten up
Image Source- The News Minute

Assault over theft

People accused him of taking the earrings of a girl belonging to the same neighbourhood. The incident took place on the night of Thursday, 29th September. A video shot of the horrendous incident was shared online. On the basis of the same video, a FIR was registered under the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) act. The FIR includes ten people as the accused who reportedly tied the boy and assaulted him. 

Image Source- News Karnataka

In another video, it is visible that the mother of the victim states that people barged into her home and dragged her son out. When she questioned them, they assaulted the lady as well. 

boy assaulted
Dalit boy’s mother

She said,  “They beat him with chappals and thrashed me. They asked us which caste we belong to and said that people of our caste shouldn’t live in their village and that we should all be killed,” 

The accused screamed casteist slurs to the family and boasted about their social positions upon them.

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