Two Palestinians have been reported to be killed in the west bank area of Palestine.

Image Source: Arab News

Two of the deceased is said to have been shot dead during a raid by the Israeli military troops. The raid was being conducted around the Area ‘A’ of West Bank. Those killed have been identified as Mohammad Samer Hoshiyeh and Fouad Mohammad Abed aged 22 and 25 respectively.

Other casualties has also been reported.

According to Israeli sources, the purpose of the raid was to wipe out the settlements in the West Bank whom they had suspected for the killing of an Israeli soldier in the past.

The shooting took place in the Kafr Dan village in the northwest of Jenin city which is under the Palestinian administration.

The incursion is said to have begun on the night of January 1.

Such clashes have been mainly taking place in the city of Nablus and Jenin. Nablus lies at 49 kilometers north of Jerusalem.

Continuous clashes in Palestine

There has been military incursions by Israel’s military force since March 2022, in the West Bank regions with deaths of nearly 140 Palestinians and corresponding deaths of about 30 Israelis.

In November last year, three men were killed near the cities of Ramallah and Hebron.

The Prime Minister of Israel is considered to be the most right-wing government ever in Palestine’s history.

UN epitomizes the year 2022

The United Nations had declared the Palestine-Israel conflicts to be the most evident in the year 2022 as the year witnessed increased attacks on Palestinians by the Israeli settlers. A journalist named Shireen Abu Akleh was also shot dead by Israeli troops in the same year.

Image Source: The Times of Israel

West Bank scattered division

Area A of the West Bank are small fragments of area which is considered to be under the full control of Palestine with area B to be fully under Israeli control and area C under the control of both Israel and Palestine.

The lack of uniformity and strong opposition towards a peaceful resolution by the right-wing extremists are said to have contributed to the violent altercations in Palestine.

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