Delhi police question multiple people in Shraddha murder case and more.


As per new developments in the Shraddha murder case, the murderer Aftab’s father will soon be interrogated by Delhi Police.

Image- ANI

This development holds much importance as police were trying to connect with Aftab’s family who was missing and had fled to an unknown location.

This development emerged after the police interrogated the prime witness – Shraddha’s best friend Shivani Mhatre and her former manager Karan Behra on Saturday, in Vasai, Maharashtra.

Their statement was recorded accordingly. Police also extracted the WhatsApp chats of Behra and Mhatre and they’ll use them as evidence in the case.

Moreover in the Shraddha murder case, 6 people have been quizzed associated with this and recorded their statements. Shraddha’s close friends Godwin Rodriguez, Laxman Nadar, Rahul Raj, and the owner of the flat in which the duo lived in Vasai. 

The people of the residence in which Aftab’s family stayed were shocked after knowing that a member of their family was arrested for a murder case. One of the residents there said that they hadn’t seen Aftab since their family had shifted to Mira road society from Vasai.  

“The family shifted into a two-bedroom flat on the 11th floor of this building around Diwali, but the flat has been locked since last week,” he told PTI showing the locked flat.

“Soon after they moved into the building, the family members, including Aaftab’s parents and brother, went on a short vacation and returned after the news of his grisly crime broke,” he said.

He also said, “After this, we saw them (Aaftab’s father Amin and mother Munira) twice while they were keeping the dustbin outside their flat. Amin Bhai, Munira, and their (other) son are talkative. We have not seen them since the last one week.” 


The watchman of the building said that he wasn’t aware of Aftab’s family as it’s a big housing society. The four-member team recorded the statement of Laxman Nadar (Shraddha’s friend) at the Manikpur police station. 

Shraddha’s father said that he wasn’t aware of her daughter’s shifting to Delhi. He got the information about this after he filed a complaint with the Manikpur police station.

Vikas Walker (Shraddha’s father) had claimed that he had visited Aftab’s Vasai residence and was insulted and warned by his family members to not come here again.


He shared with ABP Majha Marathi news channel, “I had visited Aaftab’s residence (at Vasai in Palghar district of Maharashtra) to find a solution to the issue (about their relationship) but I was insulted by Aaftab’s cousin. His (Aaftab’s) family members had warned me not to visit their residence again. After the death of my wife, the efforts to find a solution were stopped.” 

Vikas and her wife had to meet Aftab’s family for a marriage proposal as Shraddha and Aftab were in love with each other. They were insulted by his family and rejected the proposal; also Aftab’s cousin asked them to come to this place again.

As per the sources, the Narco test of Aftab Poonawala will be conducted within five days. The Saket Court on Thursday approved the narco test and his questioning for five more days. Police have also collected the clothes of Shraddha and Aftab from their residence. 




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