Increasing dengue outbreak, patients with high fever in hospitals


The number of dengue patients has increased in Delhi hospitals than before, people are reaching for treatment with symptoms like high fever, body pain, and low platelets.

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However, adequate arrangements are being claimed by the hospital administration to deal with dengue. A report is being prepared to deal with dengue- sources. Dengue cases are increasing in Delhi, and the record of the last 4 years has been broken, since January, the number of dengue patients has crossed 950. 13 dengue patients are admitted to Delhi’s Loknayak Hospital, out of which five are suspected, the report of suspected patients is yet to come. Treatment of admitted patients is going on, they had reached the hospital for treatment of low platelets. Some of them have also come after being referred from other hospitals, these patients have many other symptoms including high fever and body pain, but everyone’s condition is fine. At the same time, in the OPD of the hospital, patients are arriving with symptoms of high fever, chances are being advised if they look suspicious. The hospital administration claims that sufficient beds are available, if needed, Covid-19 450 seats will also be used. 

Dr. Ritu Saxena, Deputy Medical Superintendent of Loknayak Hospital said that due to the increase in dengue patients, there is rain and changing weather. If the patient increases in the hospital, then there is no shortage of platelets. If a patient has symptoms of dengue, then he should immediately contact the nearest hospital or doctor. There is a need to worry in case of less than one lakh platelets. Patients with fever and cold are coming more to Burari Super Specialty Hospital, Ashish Goyal, CMO of the hospital said that the situation of dengue is on watch. According to the need, the facilities are being provided immediately by the administration. With the increase in dengue patients. Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation hospitals have been asked to be on alert, despite this, the Dengue Ward at Dr Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan located in Karkardooma has been made a storeroom by the hospital administration. There is a plate onward, on which Dengue ward is written, but the lock is hanging on the gate. During the interrogation of the employees, it was found that the items used daily in the hospital have been kept in the ward. The key remains with the store manager. On the other hand, doctors said that fever patients are coming for treatment. But so far there is no such situation that a separate ward should be prepared.

The number of suspected dengue patients in Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Swami Dayanand Hospital is running around 100 since January. The hospital’s HOD, in front of Dr. Gladbin, says that so far 35 dengue patients have been confirmed. At the end of July-August, 1 dengue patient also died. After the change in the weather, the number of dengue patients is increasing in September and October, for this, a separate ward has been prepared. All preparations for their treatment have been completed in the hospital. Corporation officials say that given the increasing cases of dengue, 25 beds have been prepared in the hospital, and will prepare more beds if needed.

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The outbreak of dengue is increasing in the district, if the treatment of dengue patients is being recruited and treated in the normal children’s world, then it is wrong. But the health department remains indifferent. In the Raja Pratap Bahadur Hospital of Medical College, there is a lock hanging in the ward of 10 beds made for dengue. Infected patients are being treated by being admitted to the children’s ward, while within 24 hours, 11 dengue positive in the district and a child suffering from encephalitis have been found in the investigation conducted in KGAMU. Due to administrative negligence, there is water logging in many places in the city, due to stagnant rainwater, dengue mosquitoes are flourishing along with malaria. Mosquitoes are spreading infected diseases by stinging people even at night and day. Medicine is being sprayed not only around the house of dengue-positive patients, if dengue patients are being admitted and treated in the general or children’s board, then it is wrong. The reply will be sought from CAMAS, will get the matter investigated, and action will be taken on those responsible -Dr. CP Sharma ACAMO.



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