Did AI fail us during this COVID Crisis?


It is a result of researchers failed to bring anything significant to the world for fighting COVID-19.

AI has become a boom and creates a buzzword worldwide that has given people an image with an unrealistic situation beyond the technology’s capabilities to come true.

Today the world needs AI more than ever, and the spread of the deadly virus has resulted in the loss of lives. Has AI ultimately failed humankind?

What did AI deliver?

In this challenging time, all we have from AI are Visualizers, Chatbots, Thermal Detectors, Drones, Tools to Fake flag news, and others.

While a few solutions helped on tracking and providing information related to the virus.

While everyone’s expectation for a groundbreaking innovation was made for AI to save the world remained a dream.

Case Study of Google’s Cancer Detection and Comparison to Covid Situation.

They were using Computer Vision, such as Machine Learning (ML). Google is building and working on a Cancer Detection solution. It shows us how ML models can provide inaccurate results.

In the case of Cancer, AI gives inaccurate solutions and provides partial solutions when trained with colossal amounts of cancer data.

The issue in this project is, it identifies non-cancerous changes as potential tumours.

It seems unlikely to trust the solutions that claim to determine the diseases through analyzing chest scan images where there is already a short comes in covid related data with lots of ambiguity in it.

The decline of AI due to Covid?

Did AI fail us during this COVID Crisis?
IMAGE SOURCE: data-flair.training

AI relies on historical data for learning and building patterns, but since the COVID-19 is entirely new, it is challenging to obtain enough reliable information for ML models.

During the pandemic, people had higher expectations from AI researchers, but data scientists and analysts failed to deliver and innovate with the current technology.

However, one reason cited why AI failed today is due to the storage of necessary data. Inaccurate prediction of COVID-19 demonstrates to the world that we lack the correct data to bring value.

Several governments were always critical for the implementation of AI in the healthcare system. However, many researchers are doing landmark research related to deploying AI for drug discovery.

Even if AI takes years to develop a particular type of drug based on the correct data set, how is it possible to build a covid vaccine within a few months?

Therefore, there is a need for people not to be hype with unrealistic expectations from technology. Also, this does not rely that we cannot rely on technology like AI ML for future crises.

AI has been a game-changer in finance, e-commerce, manufacturing and many others; it has revamped society and workflows. However, today healthcare cannot leverage the development of AI.

Tech Giants Conversational AI Platforms to Fight COVID-19

With COVID-19 related cases increasing globally despite lockdowns and other social distancing measures, governments, educational institutes, and tech giants have started working on solutions to minimize the outbreak’s impact.

While all the sectors facing a hard time, demand for emerging technologies AI and Tech Companies was at its peak.

For instance, the Ministry of Health of India and the MyGov platform launched a ‘Corona Helpdesk’ chatbot on Facebook Messenger to suggest the ‘dos and don’ts’ to prevent and curb the spread of the disease.

Currently, digital assistants and conversational AI platforms support an organization for enabling easy access to information, delivering consistent engagement of employees and many more.

The widespread adoption of this platform has made the tech giants invest heavily in their AI Platforms.

Kiran Maharana
Kiran Maharana
Computer science has revolutionized and reshaped how our species has socially and economically developed over the past century. Despite an ever-widening field of computer science for the 21st-century student, I feel it is undoubtedly the most influential and concrete foundation of the society we live in today. I am being an Engineering Student Pursuing B.E. Information Technology with Specialization in Data Science, due to which I'm very passionate about statistics. In current turmoil state and ongoing chaos in politics with propaganda and manipulative media, I wanted to give a vision to people through statistics and data where people can build their view and understand not just with authors words but through actual ground figures. Believing in situations through which we evolve, I always try to be even-handed to deliver my state of the story.



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