Director Faruk Kabir on Khuda Haafiz Chapter II:Agni Pariksha


“It inspired me in many ways. I added my Personal Experiences in the upcoming movie”

Director Faruk Kabir, who is presently shooting for ‘Khuda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha’, says his upcoming film will showcase a yet-undiscovered aspect of actor Vidyut Jammwal.

“We are planning to see a really intense and nuanced character portrayal from Vidyut Jammwal in ‘Khuda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha’. He has worked extraordinarily closely with me on each scene and also the buildup of his character throughout the film.

He has worked terribly hard to urge into the skin of the character. I feel we are planning to see a aspect of Vidyut that even i have not discovered before,” Faruk Kabir said.

What inspired the writer-director to make the second chapter of his 2020 film Khuda Haafiz?

Many personal reasons inspired me to put in writing Chapter II of Khuda Haafiz. Of course, certain parts of what’s happening in society within the structure of our country conjointly inspired me to put in writing this film to a particular extent.

But Chapter II is incredibly good in many ways for me personally, as a result of there are several nuances and experiences from my personal life that I place into the film,” he said.

Covering the event of the plot within the second chapter of the film, the director said: “Huda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha begins a year later within the life of this couple Samir and Nargis.

This really tests their relationship to an oversized extent, and this is why the title mentions “Agni Pariksha”.

In many ways, this is Agni Pariksha for the couple once the incident that happened to them within the 1st chapter, however they deal with the trauma of this incident and the way it affects them. “

The film is presently being shot in Lucknow. Speaking about the same, Farouk said: “It is usually a pleasure to shoot in Lucknow. I actually just like the town. The a lot of I come back to it, the a lot of I discover interesting sides, corners and places in it.

The last time we shot here for Chapter One was for a brief time, however now, of course, it’s a way longer schedule, and that we found some places that people haven’t shot before. Opening the mouth-watering local cuisine, the director added: “I love the food here.

I really like to walk and eat completely different places in Lucknow and still try different cuisines. Lucknow has forever been attention-grabbing to me. Khuda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha conjointly features Shivalika Oberoi in character.

How did the concept and motivation return to you to create Chapter 2, asked VIDYUT JAMMWAL?

The feedback to chapter one was thus brilliant, which inspired me to make Chapter 2. Otherwise, I didn’t intend to make it. I felt it might start as arrogant, and I am efficient.

Once my producer told me to create Chapter 2, I even asked him whether he thought chapter one performed to make a sequel or simply our perception.

He then told me that he got calls from distributors and exhibitors everywhere India that this film would have done wonders on the box office and that we should make a sequel now. However, we tend to realize how well the film had done, which inspired me to write Chapter 2.

I always had an idea about a sequel in my mind, and that thought was ‘Agnipariksha’. I always needed to explore how the couple and their relationship would undergo their agnipariksha.

I even have been inspired by Ramayana a lot, and if you inspect the first chapter, it’s also inspired by it. And a bit like Shri Ram and Sita maiyya had to travel through an agnipariksha once they came back from the canvas, that’s the angle of chapter 2 for this couple.



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