Drug Abuse & Addiction: Effects on Brain

Drug Abuse & Addiction: The Brain Effect
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What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is many types. Some of them are good, and some are harmful to life. Addiction is a particular disease where it affects the body and the brain. And, especially When you are drug-addicted, and your mind stops working, you are out of control from your brain.

Drug addiction is about smoking, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc. It also includes sleeping pills because some people are addicted to sleeping pills whenever they have any problems like depression, start taking medications if they can’t sleep well.

Difference between Addiction & Abuse

Addiction is where you are addicted to something hard to control or stop. When you stop yourself from using more drugs daily, you can’t stop yourself. When you start daily consuming the drug, you can’t see your financial conditions, Emotions, and, most importantly, your loved ones. You put your own life in danger that you can’t get out of it.  


When you are using the pills, medicine or any substance in more quantity in regular or more than one dose. You thought that gave you relaxation, feel good, stress burner, or avoid reality. If you want to change your habits, you’re not able to change them.

Harmful for Brain

Your brain wants to repeat that experience, which makes you feel good because you’re motivated to do that work again and again. When you feel uncomfortable or not feeling well, you just take drugs to relax and feel good after that. When you are addicted to drugs for a very long time. Your brain creates problems for you like:

  • Decision Making
  • Memory loses
  • You lose your ability to catch new techniques or technical work.

 These are because your mind is not in control.

Creating Health Problems:

The person finds that feeling of sickness appears when they don’t take drugs. Drug addicted people face problems in the future like Kidney damage, liver problems, lung disease, heart problems, and many more severe problems.

Enhance the Crime Rates.

The people in drug addiction don’t know what is wrong going in their scenario, and only they want drugs at that time because they are habitual of that thing and want to relax so they can do like murder, theft, and many other crimes.

The early you start the treatment for drug addiction to avoid lifetime consequences.

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