There is no scarcity of ideas, thoughts, and talents when making, creating, and sculpting idols. This is also the same for deciding and selecting the theme of the Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata. A considerable amount of prize money is given as a reward as well as an incentive.

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The biggest festival of Durga Puja in West Bengal, mainly in the capital of the state, Kolkata, is decorated with themed pandals. Each of these pandals showcases one or more aspects of human life. These themed panels in Kolkata and also throughout West Bengal people and scenarios from all over the state.


At times these themed panels also depict the people and systems of the country and the world. Thus making it one type of art exhibition to enjoy the most significant cultural festival of the nation.

 Kolkata Barisha Club:

Amid the pandemic, during the last year, the most talked-about topic for the idol makers and the pandal decorators was Covid. One of the themed Durga Puja the previous year was themed as ‘migrant mother.’

The Kolkata Barisha Club organized Durga Puja, and there the Goddess Durga was decorated to look similar to that of a migrant worker who was carrying her children. That was the theme of that particular puja. 

That Durga puja was so relevant, so it attracted a lot of news to it. In the previous years also, there were depictions of several things that occurred under the sun. There were travel-based shamianas themes, idols decorated with biscuits and ice, and many more.

This can be said that there is no scarcity of ideas, thoughts, and talent when it comes to creating and decorating the Durga Puja pandals and sculpting the Durga idols.

Prize money for best pandal:

A competition is held for the decoration of Dyga Puja pandals and the building of the Durga idols. The position holders for the Durga Puja pandals and the Durga idols are given a handsome prize as an incentive.

As the pandemic raged on and things looked grim, it has not prevented the Durga idol makers and the panel makers from exploring their creativity and showcasing their talents. 

These decorations of the Durga Puja pandals are collected and covered in the news, and the leading daily photographs these since the commencement of the festival. While it is urged to maintain social distancing, there is a cap on gatherings.

All the protocols and norms are to be followed strictly. The chaotic buzz and the typical madness are not present anymore. Still, the event can be enjoyed virtually.

Here is a summary of some of the most compelling Durga Puja pandal themes this year. If you want to see this pandal, make sure to enjoy the festival safely. They were expressing harmony with the farmers.

Farmers protest as a theme:

 Here it is depicted that the farmers continue to protest against the Centre’s agrarian laws throughout the nation concerning the current situation in the district named Lakhimpur Kheri. This district is in Uttar Pradesh. Keeping in mind this episode, one of the Durga Puja pandals has selected this topic to mimic this incident as the theme for the Durga Puja pandal.

One of the Durga Puja committees named the Hatibagan Sarbojanin Club has crafted its pandal with the theme, ‘Pichutan.’ The meaning of this theme is a longing for something that you cannot go back to. To put it simply, it recreated the Kolkata of the 70s.

The Durga Puja pandals this year are conducted in such a to highlight the fact how it used to be performed several decades ago in the old Kolkata. Thus, when it comes to the making of Durga idols, there is no scarcity of ideas.


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