Ekta sports complex rebegins after four years


After a long wait of four years, finally Ekta Sports Complex begins with new hopes, plots have been appropriately marked.

Basics and Details

It’s been four years since the company completed the ground-breaking process in Gaekwad Haveli. Allotment funds, pandemics, and some different things were being problematic. Gaekwad Haveli houses the city crime branch headquarters, the m

ain work of building the complex has finally started. “Ekta Sports Complex” will be its name. This complex will be full of bright students, students with extraordinary skills and those who cannot express their abilities, all will be welcome here, and all will become family.

The facility will allow all the Amdavadis communities and cops who want to use various skills to learn a few new procedures and sharpen themselves. 

Marked Plots for Sports

“Ekta Sports Complex” facility already marked a few particular plots for football, volleyball, basketball, and badminton.

People are so excited to have such a significant ground for sports for the first time in this city. Also, there will be a jogging track, step counters, etcetera. 

Police Housing Corporation of a senior branch has sanctioned over 80lakh for the “Ekta Sports Complex”, and it going to be functional within about six months.

It is worth mentioning here that Gujarat will have assembly elections in December 2022.

Initiation of “Ekta Sports Complex” in 2017

IN, 2017 when the ground-breaking ceremony had started, DGP P.C Thakur and CP A K Singh and other senior police officials were there. It was under their presence. At that time, Senior Crime Branch declared that the work of the sports complex would begin soon.

Why did they stop in 2017?

The facility of Gaekwad Haveli could not start for almost four years due to delay in allotment of funds, pandemic and other problems. 

The construction supervisor of ‘Ekta Sports Complex”, a senior crime branch official, said they allotted all the remaining funds six months before.

But the Covid-19 outbreak again stopped the whole procedure. “Funds were there, our people were also ready, but we couldn’t risk anyone’s life”, he mentioned.

He also added, “We started work as soon as we got the fund; we had to stop because COvid-19 outbreak was destroying lives. Some of our employees got sick, and however, they never really wanted to stop working.”

Gaekwad Haveli Complex could cause traffic problems

 People questioned the facility working for “Ekta Sports Complex” and the Crime Branch Officials about traffic problems. Some think that the complex will block roads because maximum roads will become narrow lanes that cause massive traffic.

But the officials, along with the facility of Gaekwad Haveli, said that people don’t have to worry about these problems because they already have thought about them.

Soon, they will resolve too just after finishing the complex. When asked whether narrow lanes of the walled city leading to the complex in the Gaekwad Haveli campus could cause traffic problems, officials said that they have arranged for any entry points from the Sabarmati riverfront side.

 Crime Branch Officials ensured that this sports complex in the walled city would become the best thing for the teenagers.

They said, “Ekta Sports Complex would encourage not only this generation but generation after generation”, “It would be best because it is not going to become only a sports club, but also it will train those who are interested in crime branch officials which is our main goal to achieve.”

However, the crime branch officials remained tight-lipped about the reason for the delay in the allotment of funds.

The covid-19 outbreak may not be their only reason to stop a sports complex like this—everybody asking the crime branch officials this similar question that why they took a gap of 4 years.

Simantini Thakur
Simantini Thakur
Simantini, a student of BSc. Forensics is passionate about reading and writing, born and raised in India. She has been writing since age 14. Working as a co-writer at "TWOHT" [The world of Hidden Thoughts]. And now she is really focused to work with Asiana Times.



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