Encountered two terrorists, Anantnag: J&K


According to the police on Sunday two terrorists were encountered in the Tangpawa area of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The area was cordoned off after security forces received inputs about the presence of anarchists
  • Terrorists hiding in the area opened fire at the security forces
  • The security forces fired upon the anarchist in retaliation

Anantnag: Two anarchists were killed in an encounter broked out at Tangpawa area in Jammu and Kashmir Anantnag in the evening on Sunday, according to the police department.

Image source-Hindustan Times

Cordon and a search operation were launched by security forces in the Tangpawa area of the South Kashmir district late Sunday night, police officials said they got inputs about the presence of some militants there.

Our one soldier got injured in the fire exchange between anarchists and security forces.

Several weapons such as a pistol, eight AK magazines, four AK series rifles, four magazines of pistol along with other incriminating stuff were recovered at the spot from the site of the encounter.

Image source-Zee News

The two anarchists got killed in exchange for firing from security officers on Monday morning police also added the identity and group affiliation were being ascertained of the slain ultras.

Also last week, two separate encounters were conducted in a joint operation which was launched by the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police department in which four anarchists were eliminated, said police.

On Tuesday night Drach is of Shopian district three terrorists were killed in an encounter, police said on Wednesday.

In the Moola area of Shopian, another local anarchist was killed in the encounter.

How J&K security department tackling the terrorists

Today the situation is firmly controlled by Indian security establishments in Jammu and Kashmir. The pressure on militants through various kinetic operations has been kept. And denied support from their ecosystem. they have achieved this by targeting the terrorist

  • Sympathizer
  • Humanitarian practicing gestures
  • Countering practicing gestures

Considerably these actions have shrunk the space for anarchists. Still, there are many evolving and emerging challenges from the counter–terrorism (CT) perspective the security forces confidently tackling them from the root cause.


Neha Mishra
Neha Mishra
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