FIA to make title decisions once 2021 budget details see light  


F1 team Red Bull Racing is set to be cleared of any major budget cap violations in the 2021 season after the FIA will bring to light its official budget findings, which also means the FIA will decide against handing Lewis Hamilton last year’s world title.

In the title decider finale of 2021, Max Verstappen won from rival Lewis Hamilton in the very last lap of what was a controversial race since the start. The genuinity of Max’s title win came into question after claims that Red Bull breached the budget cap, which was set at €114 million, by up to €10 million. The reason behind introducing the budget cap in 2021 was to provide a more equal platform for teams to build their cars, which would eventually rule out unfair competition between teams. 

Therefore, a significant breach of the budget could bring a plethora of penalties for the violating team(s), including the deduction of points which would take away Max’s maiden world title, and also this season’s constructor’s and driver’s championships from Red Bull. 

However, reports claim that the conclusion of FIA’s investigation will put Red Bull in the clear, as the breach is only a minor one, which would bring about a penalty in Red Bull’s way in the form of a fine. 

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner is confident that his team did not commit any budget violations and that the reports will say the same. 

Christian Horner is confident that the team did not commit any budget violations.

Even though Max Verstappen is away and clear of Lewis Hamilton in this year’s championship, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff did not miss any opportunities to fire his shots about the claims against Red Bull.

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff.
Source: Inside Sport

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