Freshers: Be in the cell, ever to Excel  


College life is a big change or transition in every individual’s life. Watching movies, we all must have fantasized about our college life. It’s a crucial part of every student’s life and it comes with its own set of adventures.  

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Skills to excel as a college fresher: 


  1. Time Management: The process of organizing and planning how to divide time to the different tasks or activities is known as time management. Preparing a proper schedule of every task that needs to done is surely going to help you in long-run. If you get this skill right, one day or the other you’ll end up working smarter.  
  2. Analytical Skills or Analytical Ability: Your decision making ability majorly depends upon your analytical ability. People with impressive analytical skills perform exceptionally well in academics as well as in their professional life.  
  3. Effective Communication and Assertiveness: Being able to put across your thoughts is something which helps one in both personal as well as in professional life. Being assertive is often considered being aggressive but on the contrary assertiveness helps you in developing self-confidence, self-esteem. Once you know how to express your feelings or emotions, you’ll see how well you can connect with different set of people.  
  1. Forming Relationships: Be it the faculty, your mates or any other person, your interpersonal skills or interaction skills are something which defines you as an individual. How well you’re able to build a rapport or how well do you interact with people around you is definitely the biggest game changer. College life gives you an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds or cultural diversities. So one should be open to connect with people to learn life skills. 
  2. Teamwork: It fosters one’s creativity and increases productivity. This skill can be learnt through college projects, participation in social groups, playing a sport or planning different tasks with peers. 
  3. Adaptive Thinking: In today’s digital age, only those people are able to cope up who have changed themselves according to change. People who update themselves according to the need are doing well than those who are still stuck with old or traditional age old techniques. Learning agility is the need of the hour.  

When you learn a new skill, it has benefits and advantages that go way beyond the actual skill learned. 

“Never chase opportunities. Let it come to you by creating value and building rare skillsets.- Johannes Larsson” 

Students are often stuck in the conundrum of how to get what they are dreaming for? Often oscillating between in and out of their fairy tale. Just thinking and more thinking and overthinking. Breeding tension and not doing things. Not taking the first steps, hoping for spoon feeding. Expecting for direction to be shown, waiting for aid to appear. 

We would discuss about Freshers, college freshers. Who are perplexed because of too many dreams, which are not realistic but tempting to crave upon. This statement was about the majority of students. But the small pie from the circle is the one who wants to do things, achieve heights and pass the limits with flying colors. 

So, if you have been dancing, then you would find coordination in your body, between your movements, you would find good and active posture. It would help you during presentations, during meetings, during conversation. Similarly, it is not about doing everything or doing one thing in depth. 

It is about connecting the things that you do with the activities that are alien or new to you. That is how you remain curious, you experience creativity. You ask questions of how to do this, you take your time, you do focus, you find some way and you are satisfied. So now the fire of desire in you burns brighter and you aim higher. It helps you in being consistent. 




Pushan Sethi
Pushan Sethi
This is Pushan. An artistic person at heart, inquisitive personality who loves diving deep and comprehending things in his own way. With patience, passion, prudency and perseverance Pushan never gives up on his ambition. Traits of a problem solver, curiosity, penmanship and optimism he aspire to being an Entrepreneur and Author.





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