Gandhi Loyalists Target Congress Stalwarts, Mamata Too


Tariq Hameed Karra, a PDP-leader turned CWC invitee, is learned to have done an almost DK Barua act by saying that only the Gandhi family could keep India united without Rahul Gandhi returning; party’s leadership role, “the idea of india will be in danger.”

The CWC meeting was a colourful and controversial affair. The members exhibited loyalty to the Gandhi family. Still, some moments became more intense as they got worked up during their show of support for this great leader in modern India’s history!

What actually went down?

Karra praised Nehru but targeted Sardar Patel by saying that the people of J&K are in India only because it was under his leadership. He also accused him of being “in league” with Jinnah to hand over this territory for Pakistan during its creation process. 

However, several CWC members immediately intervened and reminded Karra about their plan, which involved discussing other essential figures like Pandit Shivram Mitul Ray, who made significant contributions towards Indian Unification!

Chinta Mohan boldly praised the services of Congress leaders, specifically mentioning former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao. He warned against any criticism or questioning of party leadership.

 He stressed how honest they are to their ideology within India’s democratic society because it could quickly lead them astray from doing what needs to be done to achieve success for themselves – which he claims Rahul Gandhi has been a victim too so far under his watch despite being elected from Amethi just last year!

Trinamool is trying to create an opposition party, and the Goa elections are just a stepping stone in that quest. With many Congress leaders already aligned with them or being convinced into voting for Trinamool candidates instead of their own party’s, we may see even more changes when voting time comes around this month!

In a speech delivered at an event, Randeep Surjewala admitted “an elephant in the room.” To avoid addressing it directly and naming change seekers who had been made general secretaries or ministers under Congress-I, he lamented how these individuals were holding meetings with loyalists while still showing loyalty towards former president Sonia Gandhi during CWC sessions.

The meeting witnessed a strange sequence. First, CWC members applauded Sonia for saying she’s “a full-time, hands-on Congress president.”

Then they unanimously cleared the organizational poll schedule with an election of party chief set to take place in September 2022 and finally appealed to former prime minister Rahul Gandhi who is currently heading UP Pradesh government.”

Yet most people soon made chorus asking them immediately become India CM without any electoral process at all!

When were the members of CWC loyal? 

When did they explain their true colors, and why was it worthwhile to be blind-sided by this group in your organization when you had no idea what they would do next?

It’s possible that there could have been some good intentions behind a member joining for these reasons: wanting stability above all else or maybe believing “loyalty can’t fail.”

But now, as more information surfaces about how Congress has functioned over time with less democracy at its top levels–it seems pretty apparent where loyalty went wrong!

A few weeks ago, Mamata Banerjee headed for a record victory as she led by 45,738 votes in the Bhabanipur bye-election after 17 rounds of counting on Sunday afternoon. 

The TMC candidate also appears to be ahead in Murshidabad’s Samserganj and Jangipur constituencies, where Assembly elections are being held this month, with over 1 million extra voters flooding into polling stations. Across these regions just days ago!


Rupsa Debnath
Rupsa Debnath
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