Group of Minor Boys Stab 30 year old for Bullying 


For bullying and beating a 30 year old man got stabbed to death in sultan puri area in Delhi. The three kid who were the victim of ridicule, out of anger and frustration took such step. But this reason could not justify the mischief. How did it happen and who is the real culprit? For answer and more detailed information continue reading. 

 Group of minor boys, stab 30 year old for bullying
Image source – creazilla

A group of 3 minor boys stabbed a 30 year old man in the area of Sultan Puri, Delhi. The accused boys have been apprehended and are being interrogated. The man has been identified as Ajay, and he was a resident of Labor Colony, Sultan Puri, in Delhi. 

After the interrogation with three boys, the police got to know that the man, Ajay, used to snatch money from these kids and beat them and trash them. They felt very helpless and, out of frustration and anger, they took just one decision and ended up being with Henessey. 

In Delhi, the number of such cases is rising and rising. There are so many pending cases already. New have now also started piling up. Newspapers and e-news are all filled up with such news. Delhi has now started to become a tough place. 

People are losing their senses to their anger. After such incidents, they are left either with terrible guilt and shame or with way too much pride and joy. The government must take calculative measures in order to educate the people. 



 Group of minor boys, stab 30 year old for bullying
Image source – free press journal 

I myself have written an article on anger and how to manage it. But that is a theory. Such people must be educated with practical example and application. 

Also, government must take initiative to note the greviences of the children. They are given very little importance and are not taken seriously. Kids must also have a separate help line number. If we let such events take place, then we are fostering the wrong impressions in the young as well. We must make them understand that violence is not an option. Communication with the guilty and the ones with authority is a very important and easy solution.


Pushan Sethi
Pushan Sethi
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