Housing crisis effect on students, shortage of hostels and commute


Housing crisis effect on students, shortage of hostels and commute

The accommodation crisis is hitting new walls now, especially for the students enrolled. The situation is so bad that the students are taking big strolls like taking a trip from Glasgow to attend their daily lectures. Many are sharing their rooms in hostels while they continue to look for flats.

Students are now confessing that they are opting for a blind bidding process due to the many volumes of interest. The union of students is now blaming this issue on the high number of students and lack of proper private suitable accommodation. Students are competing against each other. 

The University of Stirling has said regarding the national issue, “committed to exploring long-term sustainable solutions”.

Many students are forced to share their rooms with four or more people and it is affecting their everyday normal routine as a student. A student in a similar situation said, “It’s disheartening. Given that the pandemic is over and classes are in person now, there’s no option to study remotely either – I’ve got to be in Stirling in person.”

The students have shared their feelings by saying that they feel like they are left out of university life. 


Sunidhi Rai
Sunidhi Rai
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