How Elon Musk Encourages his Team to Achieve the Impossible?


Elon Musk is the owner of the most innovative companies globally, including Paypal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors. Neuralink, which is a neurotechnology company, is also the brainchild of Musk. It’s also evident that he already has a lot on his plate.  

With an extensive list of companies and achievements to his credit, Elon Musk’s management style has become a staple in terms of intrigue and fascination. His reputation precedes himself in being equally brilliant and hardworking, and his team admits that the work ethic established by him is both mentally exhausting and rewarding. 

He thinks there’s always another way to do everything, and he gives importance to continuous improvement. He is equipped with big ideas and strives to rally his team around his larger-than-life vision and principles.  

From managing an aerospace company to conquering the electric automotive sector, it’s quite apparent that being a pandora box of ideas constitutes Musk’s core principle. Here are some of the tenets Musk swears by for motivating his fellow employees. 

1. Meticulously carve a big vision. 

The primary vision behind founding SpaceX was to create spaceships that would play a huge in helping humans to reach Mars. To make that vision a reality, he initially had to reduce the expense of sending a man to space.

The goal seemed unachievable since no privately funded company had ever attempted to accomplish the crucial first step: creating a rocket able to reach orbit. 

Musk’s approach to getting to Mars was often termed “crazy hard” and almost impossible. But it proved that it wasn’t unachievable. This challenge motivated scientists and engineers to find a way to do it. 

People often overvalue what they can achieve in a year, but they undervalue what they can accomplish in ten years. By guiding his team towards the big picture, Musk always tries to ensure that his employees do not cloud their vision and forget what they are striving for. 

 2. Split the vision into little steps 

While his vision is to drive humans towards a multi-planetary species, the initial step was to figure out methods to lower the cost of launching a rocket—and subsequently reusing it. Elon Musk always tries to motivate his fellow employees whilst keeping his eye on the big vision. 

Musk never hesitated in challenging the engineers. One time, Elon Musk promised to get a frozen yoghurt machine installed in the office on the condition if one scientist was working on a problem about computer simulations if the particular employee hits an impractical deadline. After losing the bet, Musk had to install a frozen yoghurt machine in the cafeteria of SpaceX headquarters. 

Many successful entrepreneurs agree that small steps are essential to growing big. So one should take small steps, even if the end destination is difficult to reach. Also, celebrate each win. 

 3. Focus on what went right 

It has been proven from his previous record that Musk is a persistent optimist who never accepts defeat. After his first rocket launch failed, SpaceX’s employees were a bit disheartened, but Musk could make a considerable shift in their attitude in this crisis. 

Firstly, he emphasized perspective. He reminded them about other evocative rockets that had failed their initial tests. Secondly, he noted what went right and applauded the team on the rocket’s central engine performance, avionics system, and many more. 

Musk stated that :

“SpaceX is in this for the long haul and, come hell or high water, we are going to make this work.”

One employee said that, even though the initial launch wasn’t successful, they’d walk through walls for Musk after listening to his pep talk. 


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