How Women are Shaping Politics in India


From presiding times, women in India are kept under the rock, secluded from the way of life. But with recent advancements in centuries, there are various platforms and sectors enabling women to hold their stand and behold their value as their male counterparts.

Women are now proclaiming their position in society, conjuring their aspirations and goal as global leaders. Today’s woman is not afraid to express her beliefs and opinions on topics of political enlightenment.

One such example lies in the recent during the induction of assembly elections. A woman at a more significant number concluded to be a statutory part of the Politics bloc in India by participating in the polls as counselled under the universal adult suffrage law.

This peculiar phenomenon has led to increasing the importance of women as a voting community in India.

Women’s Role during Elections

According to sources from West Bengal to Kerla, researchers acclaim that parties like Trinamool Congress and the Left Democratic Fronts have a bigger turnout of support
from women.

During the campaigns, many parties proclaimed to induce social reforms and stagettes for women, contributing to their social recognition in society. Reports have estimated that various women are stepping out from the rural areas, considering their fundamental rights, and putting them to use as responsible citizens.

Analytics state that about a 13% increment has been perceived from 1971 to 2014 in women participation in the electoral constituency.

What is more interesting is that no longer women’s choices are dependent on other families or men. Women are taking an independent stand, projecting their voters right according to their understanding.

No longer are women prejudiced by the traditional norms constraining them to make a change. Gender in our society has been a problem, always hindering the growth of social makers with their insignificant thoughts of caste and class.

But with times, everything around us is evolving so are our women. No longer were women weighed down by the collective decision of the village to vote for a particular political party.

Today’s women are being educated; they persuade towards which prove beneficial for them and society around them.

The Changing Role of women in the election

Many studies facilitate that interest in politics is also one of the major factors that control women’s participation in politics.

Especially in the rural areas, women have a keen interest in politics, which have led to the formulation of women leaders in the Panchayats, evaluating on behalf of the women Panchayat leadership in India.

Further, being a trustworthy source of inspiration for other women. Women in these believe that coming is a way they can inhabit a new government. With its latest innovation, the ballot system also becomes one of the most significant factors in women’s participation.

Earlier, the ghost paper ballots forged many scams and frauds, which demotivated individuals to claim their voting rights.

Even political parties respect the new cognisance taking place and denote that the women trust parties who address and formulate modern reforms for them.

Having to witness the changing role of women voters, it has become evident that they are a voting bloc in their light, which further initiates hope for Women’s concerns and issues also to be taken to consideration by these political parties.

Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma completed her bachelor’s degree in BA public policy. Since a young age, she had a keen interest in writing. Writing has always been a part of her journey to this very moment. Her key area of interest in writing revolves around genres like Fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, social issues and awareness etc. She believes as a writer limiting yourself to an area block your experiences, so always makes it a point to explore new topics in order to gain new experience and nurture her writing. That’s why she strongly resides to be a student at heart and is open to learn new things .



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