How Crypto Mining is affecting the Gaming Industry

How Crypto Mining is affecting the Gaming Industry
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In the last few years craze for cryptocurrency has increased, due to which a considerable amount of people are investing in cryptocurrency. As the demand for digital coins increases day by day, the crypto miners community has become very active in mining.

Crypto mining requires high-end graphic cards. It was reported that there’s a shortage of graphic cards in the market, which has led to a clash between the gaming community and crypto miners.

Shortage of GPUs in Market

In the short run, shortages are manageable. So as long as one’s GPU doesn’t die completely, people will be able to play older games with decent performance, plus many people have a backlog of older games they’ve never played.

Cryptocurrency mining is a hassle in the short run. It could pose an existential threat to PC gaming as we’ve known it since the advent of the GPU in the long run.

An RTX 3070 costs around $500. On eBay, they’re currently selling for $1,200 to $1,700. According to a review of recently sold eBay listings, an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will cost you back $750 to $850.

The disparity will only widen if console prices continue to fall, but GPU prices do not.

Some gamers claim that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build the PC they want from the ground up since they can’t get their hands on mid-range graphic cards like the GTX 1060.

As the middle range becomes scarce, the price of more powerful GPUs will undoubtedly rise. Naturally, many players are operating in defence intelligence mode, attempting to control the market scarcity.

We’d see changes in the types of games people launch on PC in the worst-case scenario, where GPU prices remain high and drive gamers out of the market. There would be fewer AAA titles, but there would almost certainly be a robust independent scene.

AMD and Intel may improve their integrated GPUs to compensate in some way.

Crypto miners again Breakthrough Nvidia’s LHR GPUs

When Nvidia launched its LHR GPUs, it appeared to be a response to cryptocurrency miners.

Miners have discovered another technique to circumvent the LHR cores, similar to the limiter seen on early RTX 3060 models. This time, they can take complete advantage of the GPU’s capability.

Nvidia implemented Lite Hash Limiter technology to its latest graphics cards to tackle the demand from miners. Except for the RTX 3090, all cards were included.

Because the LHR core limited the ETH hash rate, this was supposed to make them less appealing to Ethereum (ETH) miners, but it appears that the miners have won.

NBMiner was the first to get around the limitation, restoring mining performance to Nvidia’s RTX 30-Series devices by up to 70%. While this restored a significant chunk of the card’s mining power, it still left 30% of its mining power untapped.

Impact of Crypto Mining

Anyone who has attempted to construct a computer in the last year understands how difficult the market is right now. The best graphics cards are some of the most difficult to come by.

GPUs from the Nvidia RTX 30-series are ideal for mining. Add in the fact that there aren’t many cards in stock, to begin with, let alone at their suggested cost, plus the reality that scalpers pick up most

Don’t be deceived by the fact that companies like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are generating a lot of money because of the continued high demand.

When the initial Bitcoin bubble burst, AMD’s Radeon division announced good profitability, but its market share was dropping like a rock at the same time.

What’s good for GPU manufacturers and what’s suitable for gamers appear to be two different things in the case of crypto mining.

If you enjoy the way things function today, none of what’s going on in the market right now is beneficial for PC gaming.

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