Impact of Lockdown on the Mental Health of Teens

Impact of Lockdown on the Mental Health of Teens

The Covid 19 and its various waves have caused immense hardship to people worldwide. Economically, socially, physically mentally, people have been shaken due to the pandemic. To curb the spread of the virus, various governments worldwide have imposed a partial and complete lockdown on their citizens.

Major mental health diseases caused due to lockdown 

  • Due to the long duration of the pandemic and lockdown, studies indicate an increase in anxiety, depression, and stress. Teenagers are distancing themselves from their family and friends as they cannot meet with them.
  • Virtual interaction on Google Meet and Zoom cannot be compared to physical interaction. Hence teenagers do not talk to their near and dear ones regularly.
  • Being restricted in the house’s four walls with only family members to interact with has caused both positive and negative impacts. Positively, family relations have strengthened, but the negative effect is that fights and disagreements among family members have increased.
  • Teenagers get affected by their parent’s arguments and fight too.
  • Economic strains and unemployment have led to quarrels in the family that have impacted teenagers’ mental health.
  • Covid has led to physical weakness that has led to the physical weakness that has led to mental health deterioration. Loneliness and depression have caused increased drug and alcohol abuse. Drug usage has led to physical implications too.
  • Teenagers suffering from Covid19, in quarantine, feel these adverse effects more because they are isolated from their families. Negative thoughts pessimistic outlook on life and no hope for the future are just ways in which the mind of the teenager work.
  • Stress and uncertainty about future and career are burning questions, and lack of mental health support and counselling worsens the situation.

Hardships faced by teenagers who already suffer from mental health issues

  • Teenagers suffering from previous mental health conditions and special children are getting more affected due to the lockdown. Their mental health has declined as they cannot go to their particular school, doctor’s appointments, and help group sessions.
  • Even though all this is conducted online, it does not have the same impact as before. The majority of the population, especially the underprivileged ones, are deprived of mental health help.
  • This has led to the increased need for mental health institutions and proper help. Various institutions now provide free mental health checkupscounselling sessions, anselfhelp programs sthat teenagers stay hopeful in these stressful times.

How have people utilized this situation positively?

  • Many teens have taken the lockdown period as a break from the monotonous life and have cultivated their hobbies, followed their passion, focused on their health and physical fitness, and ensured that they stay mentally healthy.
  • Various teenagers have started their small businesses, pursued the sport they love, spent time with their family, and helped them during these testing times.
  • Maintaining good mental health is the responsibility of both teenagers and their parents. Indulging in a hobby and talking about issues to a counsellor or trustworthy person can alleviate one’s problems.
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