Impact Player rule in Indian Domestic T20 Cricket


To make domestic T20s more fascinating, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced a strategic rule in domestic cricket with the conception of an Impact Player. The new rule will be used on a pilot basis in the upcoming domestic T20 tournament i.e. Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament starting on October 11.

The preface of an Impact Player seems to be more intriguing to watch with the redundant player who might change the phase of the game with his bat or bowl.

The new addition will first be enforced in the domestic circuit, so that players and officials may get used to it.

Change is the only constant 

BCCI has taken some alleviations from Australia’s Big Bash League X factor rule. Here is the rule, teams allow substituting a player of starting XI before the first 10 overs of innings and the replaced player cannot have taken a bat or bowled more than an over.

The new player can bowl a full quota of four years even if the replaced one has bowled.

The Impact Player can be introduced in a regular match only before the completion of the 14th over of the innings.

Before the introduction of the Impact Player, Any member of the team management, team captain, or the head coach has to inform the on-field umpires or reserved umpires well ahead of the current over. 

Impact Player rule in Indian Domestic T20 Cricket
Image Source- The NIE

Impact Player is not an obligatory custom

Before Toss, teams have to select their starting XI and four substitutes. Among four substitutes, only one of the players can be used as an Impact Player. If the team want to be strict with their starting XI, it is not mandatory to use Impact Player, according to BCCI officials.

Impact Player rule in Indian Domestic T20 Cricket
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In case of a match is interrupted by rain and the number of overs is reduced to less than 10 overs, then the Player has not allowed to take part. He will be allowed to match only if reduced overs are higher than 10 overs and he can bowl some overs but not a full quota.

After the fall of the wicket or completion of innings, an Impact Player can be introduced by the batting side. After deploying Impact Player in the match, the player can bat and may bowl his full quota of four overs in an uninterrupted inning.

In the batting side, if a player got retires hut, the introduction of an Impact Player will be only after the over end and he will replace the injured one. 

After the Impact Player takes part in the game and an injury occurs, as per MCC LAW 24, fielders’ absence substitutes will come into effect.  Here substitute will only take the field, and shall not bowl or bat.

If a bowler is suspended because of any breach of the law, then the Impact Player cannot be substituted for the player, according to BCCI officials. 

The utilisation of substitutes concept

Impact Player rule in Indian Domestic T20 Cricket
Image Source- NDTV Sports

The conception has taken from sports like football, Hockey, rugby, and basketball among others, where substitutes are allowed in the game.

Once the player is replaced by the Impact Player, the said player cannot take part the in the remainder of the game as well as not permitted to substitute ute field, according to the BCCI officials. 

The bowling side is permitted to introduce the Impact Player in the middle of the over or at the end of the over if there is an injury to any fielder. In case of any player got retired hurt, the introduction of an Impact player only after the end of over and eligible to take the bat.

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