The recent tensions among the citizens of Pakistan due to the arrest orders of Imran Khan have made chaos in the country, where a clash can be seen between the public and the government law enforcing agencies, the bailout given by the SC of Pakistan is a matter of little relief for Khan but a lot of controversies are on the way.

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Imran Khan on Monday wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandial to club the cases registered against him, also he requested to allow him to attend the court proceedings through video conferencing as he claim that there is a death trap being laid to kill him if he deposes physically and where he also said that the current government of Pakistan is working according to the ‘London Plans’ i.e. a plan made by his successor Shehbaz Sharif who throw him away from Pakistan, as he claims.


Also, the apex court suspended Imran’s arrest warrants in the Toshakhana Diplomatic Gifts case on a guarantee that Imran Khan will appear before the trial court tomorrow as he is seeking protective bail in Nine different cases Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader and expelled Prime Minister Imran Khan was summoned on Monday to appear in the district and sessions court of Islamabad in Toshakhana corruption case while his 3rd wife Bushra Bibi was called by the country’s anti-corruption watchdog, on 30th of March.

The violence was more incited when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) made Khan guilty and debarred him from contesting elections for 5 years. In Lahore, for the last week, the supporters of Imran Khan and the Police are clashing with each other.

What is the matter of the Toshakhana Case?

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In August 2022, the coalition government led by Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) filed a case against Imran Khan, saying that he didn’t disclose information on gifts and items presented to the Toshakhana (i.e. Treasure house of government of Pakistan) and allegations on him for the ‘illegal’ sale of some of the gifts.

Subsequently, the ex-prime minister wrote a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and admitted to selling at least four such presents, but also said that he bought them from the government of Pakistan by paying a certain percentage of their value.

On Sunday, the Pakistan government released a list of all gifts received in Toshakhana since 2002 and it was found that Imran while being the PM of the country received as many as 101 gifts. “Of this, he has kept gifts worth around PKR 100 million by Sept 24, 2018, paying only PKR 20 million to the Toshakhana. It added gifts such as Diamond Watch worth PKR 5.6 million, Ring PKR 8.75 million, Pen PKR 1.5 million, and other multiple items such as Rolex watches, Perfumes, Attar, Phones, Miniatures, etc.

Verdict of the Election Commission of Pakistan on this controversy.

After two months of the case, ECP found that the sales weren’t illegal as the items belonged to Khan as he paid for them but due to his unethical behavior and false assertions, and illogical declarations, ECP barred him from holding public office for a period of five years.

Impact of ECP’s verdict on Imran

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Soon after ECP’s verdict, huge protests were led by the PTI workers in front of the poll body’s offices across Pakistan, Instances of vandalism were reported at multiple places resulting in clashing of common people with police. Later a case of terrorism was registered against Imran, claiming that the PTI leader had encouraged the protesters the destruction of public places.

Why the Democracy of Pakistan is Fragile?

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Pakistan as it was born in 1947 faced multiple issues just like a child who faces multiple health disorders and has not been given the vaccination at its early stages, but here the vaccination for Pakistan is its own self-control. The country was established on the basis of religion and but it didn’t learn from the moral values of the religion.

In a better context, we can say that Pakistan is a country that is owned by its Military. The politicians are mere puppets of the Generals of the Pakistan Army and they control every single movement of Pakistan whether it may be Internal, External, Military, Food, Health, etc.

Recently the reports were released by the Pakistani journalist Ahmad Noorani, claiming that Pakistan’s Former Army Chief General Qamar Bajawa’s extended and immediate family members made billions of dollars within the time span of 6 years through various new businesses Within six years, they become billionaires, started and international businesses, purchased multiple foreign properties on other countries, started transferring family’s capital abroad, became the owner of various commercial plazas, huge farmhouses in Islamabad, Karachi, and other places, a large real estate portfolio in Lahore and so on.

The current market value of the – known – assets and businesses within Pakistan and outside accumulated by the Bajwa family during the last six years is more than Rs 12.7 billion, as written in his report.

All the real decisions are being made in the Rawalpindi Corps of Pakistan and the puppets merely sit in Islamabad following their commands, history has seen that whenever a Politician has tried to defame the Army or followed their own decision he/she has been either removed, or been killed through some of the conspiracies, same was the case of Imran Khan when he spoke against Generals and as result, he was thrown out of Prime Minister’s Office.

But the worst scenario is for the common citizens who are struggling to meet the day’s end as the prices of commodities are directly proportional to the Debt and Loan cases of Pakistan.

Current Situation of Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan is in its worst scenario where the Prices of Wheat have skyrocketed up to PKR 4000 (approx.), essential food items, capital goods, oil, and industrial raw materials all are expensive and a common man is unable to meet today’s demand, these cases have resulted in the loot of government offices in search of essentials commodities. Along with the Food prices their Fiscal Deficit, PKR to USD rate, Unemployment, Salaries, Tensions, and Fear among the citizens are rising. Only a miracle or good leadership which is next to impossible can save Pakistan’s economy, Foreign Reserves, Loan Debts, and its’ s citizens.


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