The Russo-Ukrainian war is ongoing for 11 months now and Russia magnifies the heat once again by attacking Kyiv with missiles on New Year midnight. At least one person died so far and no more casualties were reported as of now.

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Russo-Ukrainian War: Latest updates

On New Year’s eve, major cities in Ukrainian reported massive numbers of missiles attack from Russia, Ukraine officials said. Russia has fired Dozens of missiles at several Ukrainian cities. Kyiv city Mayor Vitali Klitschko said, 8 people were injured and 1 person died.


Emergency workers have been sent to the attacked cities for rescue operations and the country’s air defense system was also activated. According to the Ukrainian army, nearly 12 out of 20 missiles were shot down by them.

Earlier in the evening, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that we will fight for the sake of victory until then we can not rest. Zelensky said in an emotional speech that we Ukrainian have done something unimaginable and we are the best.

What we have done and what we are doing is an example for the world that we Ukrainian have shown the courage to save our land our motherland. He said the whole Ukrainian is united against Russia and we will fight it back.

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Who is more efficient in the Russo-Ukrainian war?

In February if the war is still going on then it will complete 1 year. But there is no prediction when it will end. Both sides are evolving day and night and using new tactics to attack and defend. The war is getting more complex with every passing day.

Russia is systematically attacking Ukrainian by targeting its energy infrastructure leaving millions in the dark and cold amid harsh winter. 

In a fresh missile attack, several buildings and hotels were demolished due to the strikes.

Ukraine in this war is heavily dependent on Europe and the US for its ammunition and war supply. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron said, that France will help Ukrainian, “without fail….. until victory”. He ensured that France will certainly deliver its help and support, which it has promised earlier.

Russo-Ukrainian War. Action on New Year

In his New Year speech, Russian President Putin in an address to the Russians told that Russia has moral and historical correctness. He said this year was marked as fruitful and important because we have strengthened the foundation for our common future and our true independence.

Russia has been targeting Ukrainian energy stations and destroying them. It also aimed at destroying the New Year’s charm for millions of Ukrainian. The war is not progressing toward peace settlements. But this war is definitely entering a more rigid scenario.

Europe and the US are continuously providing military and warfare aid to Ukraine in this war. That is only helping in the continuation of the war. Only India is truly in favor of ending this war. The world is also looking at India with hope.

Ukrainian President Zelensky responded to the Russians that you people think that your leader is leading the nation from the front seat but you must know that he is not leading you from the front but back seat. 

As US President Joe Biden agreed to supply the Patriot system to the Ukrainian and western countries agreed to support it with their air defense system, the Ukraine government thanked them. Their support worked well for them in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Zelensky said that Putin is hiding behind the curtain and is betraying his people. He said that Putin is burning the country’s future and its people’s future as well. He is spreading terror and no one will forgive him for his actions.

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