In the Rainy Season, We Like Pakora But We Don’t Like Paracetamol


Who doesn’t love the rainy season? But, the rainy season is the only season that quickly makes you ill with common diseases.

Monsoon season is here, and we want some pakora and chai, but we want some more snacks this season. We all love monsoons, but we hate diseases. We avoid common ailments like cold, cough, and fever.

The person quickly catches it if you contact them. Just like the drops of rain is a similar kind of disease that similarly affects us. Let’s try to find out some common diseases, and it’s prevention for better health.

Mosquito-Borne Disease

Malaria Dengue, and Chinkungunya. It is the type of disease which is easily spread with the help of excessive water. Water is easily attracted mosquitoes.


It is a very well-known disease that is transmitted through the bite of infected female anopheles mosquitoes. Symptoms show before the 10-15 days.


It is primarily seen in the rainy season. Dengue is also a mosquito-borne disease, and the female mosquito also transmits it.

In dengue fever is the main problem in the disease.


It is a disease known as a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. Symptoms are joint pain and fever.

Tips for the prevention. don’t collect excessive water.
. water coolers and other water storage material should be clean from time to time.
. maintain hygiene and wash your bathrooms.
. use the best mosquito killing machine, which usually controls the mosquito.
. wear full sleeves clothes.

Common Diseases

-Cold, Cough, and fever

It is the three disease-like. It is very normalized in the rainy season. But, prevention should be there because prevention is not here, so the situation can become worse.

It is such a kind of disease that makes the common disease to severe illness. Everyone should be taken care of themselves.

Does Season Affect Us?

Yes, every season affects us, and it is the highest probability rainy season most of the time act easily because it is never the same.

It is not a big deal rainy season is not enjoyable yes, it is delightful, but everyone should take care first and then enjoy everything.

Mansi Sharma
Mansi Sharma
I am a final year law student who is keen interested in the writing and research. I am happy to share my thoughts with everyone. Writing is not just a art but it is the scenario how to create new world. Being law student you should aware about everything so, writing is just only for one topic is just boring so why are not trying to find new places.



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