India exports 1.8 million tones of wheat to dozen of nations


India aids the food crisis in several nations triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war. Wheat exports to dozen nations from India.

Wheat exports to dozen nations from India
Source-Asian News Channel

India has exported 1.8 million tones of wheat to several nations at the request of foreign governments. 

Disruptions due to the Ukraine war added many countries to the list of nations suffering global food chain supply crises.

More than a dozen nations, including Yemen, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates, urged Indian wheat exports. Wheat exports to dozen nations from India.

“Outbound shipments have gone to Bangladesh, Oman, the UAE, and Afghanistan among others with an undertaking by their governments that Indian wheat should be used for their own consumption and not trade or exports,” said Sudhanshu Pandey, Union food secretary.

Yemen is confronting a severe hunger crisis despite having food supplies to last until the end of August. India has stepped in to save the Middle Eastern nation.

In the previous three months,

India exported well over 250,000 tones of wheat to Yemen.

Russia and Ukraine provided little under half of Yemen’s wheat imports in the previous year. Unfortunately, because of the war Russia-Ukraine war crisis, the food crisis has significantly affected Yemen. 

Although India is not a large exporter of wheat, Piyush Goyal, the food minister, indicated last month that the country will help “friendly countries facing a food crisis.” 

Following a scorching early summer that affected yields and reduced output projections by roughly 5%, India banned the private export of wheat on May 13.

Up on the requests from countries for help in overcoming the shortage of food grains, the ban exempted wheat exports.  Wheat exports to dozen nations from India.

India had faced criticism by the G7 groups of nations for banning exports of wheat. They claimed it would worsen this global issue.

The Union administration asserted that it was forced to enact the export embargo in order to lessen risks to the country’s food security.

The Union government as well as the UN World Food Programme agreed to send 10,000 more tones to Afghanistan this week, bringing the total amount of supplies to 50,000 tones.

A serious food crisis is affecting over 19 million Afghans or half the nation’s population.

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