Indian man Jailed in Singapore for voyeurism


Poomalai Prasanath was sentenced after being found guilty of four more offences, including criminal trespass. On Friday, this 28-year-old Indian man was sentenced to 11 weeks in jail.

He was also discovered to have around 2,000 other filthy movies on his phone, which were confiscated.According to earlier testimony in court, Poomalai(that Indian man) was in possession of a valid work permit at the time of his crimes.

Poomalai, who was employed by his company to clean and polish aluminium panels at the Fairmont Singapore hotel, went looking for a 16-year-old American girl from an overseas school on March 11 of last year, according to police.

While she was on her way to the eighth-floor restroom, she happened to observe Poomalai walking down the hall. Afterwards, she went into the restroom and used one of the cubicles, noting that the toilet lid on the cubicle closest to the entryway was closed.

She was about to go away when she heard someone enter the cubicle. She had a suspicion that Poomalai had trespassed because she had not heard him remove the toilet lid and because he was alone in the corridor at the time of the alleged intrusion.

She became alarmed and fled out of the toilet, where she was subsequently reported to her school teacher, who then reported the event to a member of the hotel’s security personnel.

Poomalai was subsequently identified and apprehended by a member of the security team the next day when he reported for work at the hotel along Bras Basah Road in the Central Business District.Upon being apprehended, he stated that he had entered the restroom solely for the purpose of drinking water from the washbasin.

He admitted to trespassing and taking two voyeuristic recordings of the girl by placing his mobile phone underneath and above the cubicle partition, respectively.He then went over the recordings, making sure they didn’t include anything obscene, and deleted them.

He also admitted to trespassing on the same toilet on another occasion and filming himself in a voyeuristic manner on that date.When police officials searched it, they discovered 1,836 other obscene recordings on his mobile phone.

Published By – Supreeti Ghosh


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